VC Partner @ Joyance Partners in Nordic Region

Joyance Partners is looking to hire a Venture Partner (VP) who currently resides in the Nordic region. This is a part-time role (10% of one’s time), for someone who has a full-time job in the world of venture (at a VC/Accelerator/Venture Builder/Startup) and that would like to spend 10% of their time with us. The Venture Partner would help with generating deal-flow, being brand Ambassador for Joyance in the region, and by providing their views on startups in their specific field of expertise. You can see some of our VPs at

 Joyance Partners is a US Venture Capital fund which launched in Europe in April 2019. We invest in deep-science startups in the health and happiness space, focusing on those delivering delightful moments to their users. We operate at pre-seed and seed stage (sometimes Series A). In the US we have an existing portfolio of 70+ companies spanning Genetics, Biotech, Neuroscience, Precision Health, AI/VR/AR in health, Next-Gen Food, Longevity, Femtech. We love deep-tech startups, with a strong technological or scientific differentiator. In Europe we invested in 8 startups over last 6 months, we are a team of four people, looking to grow.

  • Title: Venture Partner
  • Geographic area of focus: Nordic region, meaning Scandinavia + Baltics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).


  • Employment in VC/Startups/Accelerators/Venture Builders.
  • Has a life sciences or health-tech background
  • Resident in the Nordics (Stockholm would be ideal)


  • Deal-flow creation: identify, evaluate and recommend new companies as potential investments.
  • Brand ambassador: introduce and represent the Joyance brand in the Nordics, Benelux and Baltics region and be the person of reference for these areas. 
  • Deal screening and selection: research and diligence companies under consideration for investment.
  • Investment decision: participate in the investment process and in the weekly Investment Committee meetings.
  • Portfolio support: participate in Joyance’s help of existing investments.

Background about Joyance:

Please reach out to me directly Neha Tanna, Principal at or to Paolo Pio Managing Director Europe at

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