VC Internship @ Idinvest Partners in Paris, France

Who we are:
Based in Paris, Idinvest Partners is one of the largest European VC firms (€ 2.5 bn AUM). To date, Idinvest has backed 180+ startups, among which Criteo, Deezer, Dailymotion, Zenly, Talend, Heetch, Glovo and Actility. We are an investment team of 6 focusing on € 5-20M deal opportunities in mobility (ridehailing, carsharing, autonomous driving, logistics), new energy (off-grid, storage, solar) and deep tech (AI, IoT, Cybersecurity), in Europe, China, the US and Israel.

Here’s what you will do:
• Source & identify the most promising technologies and companies in mobility, energy
and deep tech, in Europe, China, the US and Israel;
• Evaluate and respond to a high volume of initial introductions, including holding initial
screening conversations with startups;
• Assist in due diligence process including meeting notes, references, product and technical due diligence, competitive landscape research, market sizing, and financial valuation;
• Prepare & refine investment theses, up to closings;
• Assist with regular LP updates on our portfolio and dealflow;

Here are the skills you have:
• A great nose for important tech trends and emerging businesses in mobility, energy and deep tech;
• Strong diligence skills. Ability to quickly evaluate the key questions, risks or upside to an opportunity, prioritize and execute diligence to flesh out these issues;
• Strong financial analysis skills. You will be able to dive quickly into a business plan or financial model, identify and judge key drivers or vulnerabilities;
• While we will consider various backgrounds, we think a background in investment banking, consulting, venture investments, or an operations role in a tech company would be the strongest fits for this role;
• Keen attention to detail; deliberate and focused in execution;
• Excellent multitasking skills without dropping balls;
• Comfortable listening to, presenting, and disagreeing with investment points of view. Conviction without arrogance, humility without defeatism.


If interested, please apply here.

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