VC Internship @ Foundamental in Berlin, Germany

Foundamental is a new type of venture capital firm. We are market insiders. We have deep knowledge from a very detailed to a global perspective in our chosen industry of focus: construction. Construction is one of the least efficient industries due to ultra-opaque processes and its fragmented nature. And: construction accounts for more than 13% of global CO2 emissions per year. Our vision is to fundamentally change how construction works and disrupt the last “El Dorado” to build exponential ventures. As a deep-insight venture firm our ambition is to have deeper knowledge of the workflows, users and commercialization in construction markets than any other venture firm in the world. We invest into one venture per month.
In a nutshell
We are looking for an outstanding individual who dedicates herself or himself to research, data analysis, and fact-driven logic.
As part of our team you will own a research topic within the construction sector. The scope of your topic will be a combination of geographies (North America, Europe, Asia), a workflow (eg. aggregates logistics, panelized prefabrication etc.) and technologies (eg. autonomous systems, machine vision etc.).

You will be responsible for …

      • Co-deciding one or two research topics you want to own
      • Creating a research plan how to approach your assigned topic
      • Developing hypotheses and deducing the required information
      • Researching the information in various channels; often times you will have to apply creative thinking on how to acquire information. Sometimes the information you will want might be un-googleable – which is a key part of the value you bring.
      • Helping our Insights Team and our Communications Team to productize certain key results from your research into un-googleable insight nuggets.
We will give you execution responsibility – no paper pushing, no work for the drawer. Your work will have an impact on our organization. And: your insights will be published. For example:
    • We work in frameworks and data-driven. You will work on the data base and develop frameworks which will impact our decision-making process.
    • We found new ventures and constantly screen startups fitting our thesis.
    • Your research will give insight to the direction of our activities.
    • We want to give our portfolio companies a unique value. Your insights will be used by our portfolio firms.

You fit with us when …

      • You find it easy to build highly logical and structured thoughts. You know first principles thinking without googling it.
      • You enjoy working with numbers and evidences.
      • You are persistent and unstoppable. You consider it a personal defeat when you cannot find an information you want to have.
      • You have successfully completed your Bachelors, and are in your Masters studies or beyond.
      • Your studies are within science, engineering, economics, management, or business law.
      • You have work experience through at least 1 other significant internship.
      • You are fluent in English. German language is not required.
      • You commit to at least 4 months. More is appreciated.
      • You are able to obtain or obtaining a visa for Schengen zone, if required.
In other words: we prefer IQ + EQ + mindset over experience.

What’s in for you?

    • Build experience in venture capital.
    • Gain exposure to early-stage ventures.
    • Develop your methodologies for sector research and due diligence.
    • Be part of a global team investing across borders.
Location and timing: Berlin. We hire year-round.
How to apply: We like it simple. You can apply by sending your CV and 3 short but precise bullet points of your motivation.
IF interested, please apply here.
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