VC Head @ BEAM in Berlin, Germany

At € 1,000+ B, the European logistics industry is enormous. Startups are only beginning to scratch the surface of the transformation made possible by applying software to business problems.

Beam aims to become the world’s most successful logistics company builder. We are backed by BEUMER Group, a € 1 B revenue, German, family-owned logistics company with a global footprint and access to an extensive network of industrial customers. We are also confidently relying on our excellent network of startup mentors, venture capitalists, and technical experts. Headquartered in Berlin, we are committed to becoming the strongest – and yet humble partner for any founder to build a next-generation logistics company.

As of April 2019, we have incubated two startups. Another four teams are currently validating their business case. We always start with a problem hypotheses and then try to falsify it. If unsuccessful after at least two dozen expert interviews, we launch a new startup.

Our core Beam team will remain small, but very high caliber in 2019. Expect a total of five team members plus several freelancers. You can thus involve yourself in all decisions taken.

Job Description

Our key challenge for 2019 is improving the frequency and quality of expert interviews we can offer to our founders. You will establish strong working relationships with executives and experts at BEUMER Group – both to actively source new business problems and to make our knowledge accessible to them. We expect you to regularly travel to Beckum, Aarhus (Denmark), and BEUMER Group’s customer sites. You will also build up our CRM to speed things up further. You will have enough time and a training budget to stay up to date with technological, managerial and ecosystem developments. You are also expected to represent Beam at industry events.

On a larger scale, one of the hardest decisions for all our potential startup founders is whose advice to trust on which topic. You will need to be the person they turn to and whose support they seek. You will achieve this by leveraging your experience and network; and by ferociously learning and applying new methods and tools – from strategy development to pricing and operations.

You will infer best practices and refine our approach on how to best conduct a problem falsification, adding direction and structure to our founders’ work. You will also support them hands-on in launching their startup.

Additionally and based on your interests, you could become highly involved in our deal flow, in developing partnerships, and in evaluating all business opportunities based on our existing criteria set. You would also have the chance to support our investment process, e.g., negotiation of deal terms, financial and commercial due diligence, and oversight of the legal workflow.


  • Strong analytical skills and demonstrated intellectual curiosity
  • Excellent communication skills in German and English – also in writing
  • At least five years of experience with exposure to technology or logistics
  • Entrepreneurial experience, preferably in a small team or startup, and a professional network in the European tech ecosystem
  • Experience in identifying, analyzing and evaluating innovative business models and potential investment opportunities
  • Experience in interview-based B2B customer development or user research
  • Experience in managing a budget and growing a business
  • The ability to build and maintain good relationships with colleagues, business partners, and entrepreneurs
  • Results-focused, team-oriented and a strong work ethic

Additional Information


  • Work with value- and mission-aligned professionals
  • Be able to think and act long term: We are part of a family company. We are thus able to build something genuinely great over many years – and to invest resources in growing ourselves, personally and professionally
  • The results of your work will be highly visible, and you will have much exposure
  • Our compensation is competitive
  • An outstanding office in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, with great coffee
  • The flexible work setup of your choice


Please send us a cover letter along with your application laying out which skills you bring to Beam. We would also like to know what drives you and why Beam is the best possible step in your personal development. Your CV is essential, but it’s the cover letter that we would like to discuss.

You can expect two steps in the application process: 

  1. A video interview with our People Ops manager.
  2. An on-site interview with the team. 

If interested, please apply here.

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