VC Associate @ La Famiglia in Berlin, Germany

We are a small team with a foot in the US and Europe. Exposure is immense and opportunities are endless!

Go hunt for the next unicorn – Source (your own) deals through relationships, research, events etc., spend time with founders, test products, analyse quantitative business models, interview experts et al. to assess startups and markets
Get ahead of the next disruption – Research and build expertise in themes around technology sectors, conduct industry analyses and uncover business models with the potential to turn entire industries upside-down
Learn from the best – Get up-close and personal with the best in their fields, from entrepreneurs to investors (including our Partners) and operators across disciplines (strategy, product, marketing, software development etc.)
Be a Builder – Support our portfolio companies, ensure seamless operations, take responsibility for our CRM, organise events


What We’re Looking For

Outstanding VCs come from all walks of life, so we are not expecting any particular background or set of prior experience.

Instead, we will be looking for the following character traits:

Growth Mindset – Intellectual curiosity is one of La Famiglia’s north star. We are looking for people who can quickly absorb knowledge, who thrive off of new ideas and pushing their/our thinking to continuously improve. We want to be able to learn from you and vice versa.

(Self-)Awareness – We spend a majority of our time talking to and building relationships with people, and we can only understand them if we understand ourselves first. Our job requires enormous amounts of emotional intelligence, empathy and sensitivity to understand and assess intangibles (motivations, needs, wants) and juggle with multiple and sometimes opposite interests.

Courage – Startups and technology move fast. We operate in shifting sands, with acute levels of stress and uncertainty. We have to make high-stake decisions that have inherent risk, with little validation.

Resilience – We need to be able to build strong convictions and sell ideas, concepts and visions while maintaining excitement and holding our ground in the face of ambivalence and opposition.

Independence – Besides working in a low-visibility industry, we are a tiny and partly remote team. This means we seek people who are proactive, self-reliant, able to navigate with only high-level direction and can cope with minimal amounts of face-to-face team time.

Also note that although English is our main language, German would be a plus.


If interested, please apply here.

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