VC Manager @ Caterpillar in Peoria, IL

To lead, coordinate and guide activities related to Venture Capital (VC) projects, which includes minority investments into startup companies as well as Limited Partner investments into Venture Capital Funds. Will provide leadership, oversight, counsel and other services to Business Unit Vice Presidents and Senior Managers throughout the Venture Capital process. Will manage most aspects of the project including: lead generation, strategic alignment with Caterpillar businesses, deal structuring, negotiations, financial analysis, due diligence, communication with target companies, other investors, external advisors, and Public Affairs. Will provide continued engagement with target companies post-investment through financial and legal management through exit

The duties of the incumbent are similar to those of the position “Sr. Investment Manager”, the key differences are that the larger and most complex transactions are assigned to the Senior Managers, the Senior Manager will complete more transactions per year, and the total portfolio managed by a Senior Manager will be larger. The Senior Managers will also have more responsibilities after the close of certain transactions as they may participate as either a Board Member or Board Observer with the company depending on Caterpillar’s rights. An Investment Manager would manage financial reviews and post-investment analysis on deals where Caterpillar does not have Board participation rights.

Job Duties

During the process, the position will own or support portions of the process of a Venture Capital investment from the initial lead generation through full exit of the investment. During this process, the incumbent will interact with external companies and advisors to generate opportunities, work with lead investors to form investment syndicates, work closely with our internal and external legal counsel, and support the Director of Venture Capital in the approval process through business unit leadership and the Executive Office. Key results will be measured by strategic benefits gained and by improved shareholder value through successful management of their investment portfolio. The incumbent will perform the following job functions:

Explore Phase: Build a network within the financial and corporate venture capital communities. Leverage the network and other sources to source technology and investment opportunities. Work with the various Business Units to provide counsel on their strategic direction and how external technology development can support them. This could include the development of alternatives, profiling of potential targets, creating a strategic rationale for investment into a company, and obtaining Vice President approval to proceed to the Engage Phase.

Engage Phase: An Investment Manager will only work on deals where Caterpillar is a participant in a syndicated round. Thus, at the Engage Phase the Manager will work with the lead investor and target to gather the key deal terms and company information and perform a preliminary analysis around the market, company position, deal structure and valuation, and risks. The result will be a preliminary business proposal to be reviewed with the sponsoring Vice President to obtain approval to proceed to the Execute Phase.

Execute Phase: Will work with legal, financial, accounting, tax, environmental and other internal and external specialists in performing due diligence. Will coordinate negotiation of the definitive agreements, finalize the business proposal and will support the Director of Venture Capital to gain Executive Office approval for the Business Unit to proceed to closing the transaction. During this phase, the position will be involved as a leader, participant, and advisor.

Manage Phase: In this ‘post-implementation’ phase, the position will assist in regular assessments of the financial and commercial engagement results as compared with the final business proposal.


Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • 10 or more years or job related experience displaying a strong background in technology, financial analysis, transaction structuring, strategic planning and accounting

Desired Qualifications

  • Master’s degree, specifically an MBA, is highly desired
  • Prior experience within an Engineering field
  • Investment transaction experience
  • Knowledge of the Caterpillar organization, its products, policies and procedures in conjunction with an understanding of key Venture Capital deal structures
  • Strong analytical, technical and project management skills for the coordination of Venture Capital project
  • Excellent interpersonal skills are required in order to deal with sensitive issues and to communicate with internal and external senior management
  • Significant internal product, technology, financial or legal experiences
  • Networks and relationships developed with managers or partners from Venture Capital firms or other Corporate Venture Capital teams.

Additional Information

This employer is not currently hiring foreign national applicants that require or will require sponsorship tied to a specific employer, such as H, L, TN, F, J, E, O. As a global company, Caterpillar offers many job opportunities outside of the U.S. which can be found through our employment website at


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