VC Professional @ Openview Venture Partners in Boston, MA

Since our founding in 2006, we have had one mission: partner with the best expansion stage business software companies to improve people’s working lives. You’re probably familiar with many of the companies in our portfolio, including Datadog (Nasdaq: DDOG), Expensify, Calendly, Workfront and Instructure (NYSE: INST). These companies’ CEOs, their teams and the members of OpenView who support them are at the center of everything we do.

We are expanding our investment team to work with the next generation of founders in their journey to build large and enduring companies. That’s where you come in. And I, for one, can’t wait to meet you.

But first, I want to introduce you to OpenView. We think the best way to get to know us is to understand our values:

  • We value people above all else
  • We pride ourselves on continuous rapid improvement
  • We embrace objective decision making
  • We want to build something great
  • We believe that you maximize impact through focus

If these values resonate with you, I think you’ll love the role. It’s multifaceted in that you’ll be running your own deals end-to-end: from sourcing and building relationships with entrepreneurs, to leading and executing diligence, to presenting your investment recommendations to our Investment Committee. Things tend to be busy around here 😉

We believe great investors come from a variety of backgrounds. And we know a team of diverse people makes better investment decisions. So regardless of what you do now – whether you’re in product, a Chief of Staff role, a VC at any stage, or something completely different – we encourage you to reach out.

With that said, there are characteristics we’ve found to be good indicators you’ll thrive here:

  • You love learning, and ask tons of questions to understand how something works
  • You’re a self-starter who thrives in unstructured environments
  • You have a ton of grit
  • You consistently find creative solutions to complex problems
  • You develop strong points of view
  • You’re not afraid to challenge others’ perspectives, and you welcome the same
  • You have exceptional communication skills – both written and verbal

Six of our eight Partners started as VPs or Associates and were promoted to Partner, and we’re committed to offering this same opportunity to our next generation of investors. We’re executing on a focused strategy and backing visionary founders, which takes a team full of leaders. I can promise you one thing: you’ll grow faster than you ever have before. It’s a wild ride and a ton of fun.

Do you want to join us? Email me directly at lizc[at]ov[dot]vc with your resume and answer this question: What is the most promising business software company you know of today that has raised <$50M? Why? It’s possible you’ve encountered this company as a user, a buyer, an investor or you’ve just heard some buzz. We value clear, concise and human communication.


If interested, please apply here.

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