VC Principal @ The Engine in Cambridge, MA

The Engine is looking for an exceptional principal-level investment professional for The Engine Fund with venture capital investment experience in industrial, chemical, materials, or energy sectors.  
The position reports to the CEO/Managing Partner of The Engine and has responsibilities for identifying and closing new investments as well as supporting Founders of our invested companies of The Engine Fund. The position is based in the Boston area.

Key responsibilities

    • Work closely with the investment team in identifying and evaluating new Founder teams and investment opportunities and leading new investments, particularly more industrial, chemical, materials, and energy-type opportunities
    • Work with Fund portfolio companies as a board member, board observer & investor on behalf of The Engine
    • Outline and support fundraising strategies and execution as part of the investment team
    • Support the Engine Program, Room and Network and deploy these resources to help Fund portfolio companies
    • Make recommendations for additional people, institutions, and organizations to draw nearer to our portfolio companies and The Engine
    • Develop the people within The Engine organization
    • Represent The Engine externally and internally aligned with the values that we embrace

Experience and Qualifications

    • Required 4+ years of venture investing experience in Tough Tech areas, preferably institutional investing experience
    • Required 3+ years working experience in one or more of the following industries: aerospace, automotive, energy, semiconductors, chemicals, or medical devices
    • Recommended StartUp or Founder experience
    • Recommended experience in scaling manufacturing &/or at scale
    • Required Bachelor of Science or Engineering or equivalent
    • Motivated by The Engine’s mission to enable tough tech entrepreneurs to create world-changing companies

If interested, please apply here.

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