VC Internship @ Alumni Ventures Group in Boston, MA

Alumni Ventures Group (AVG) offers undergraduate sophomores, juniors, and seniors an opportunity to spend the term or semester working with us at our venture capital firm in Manchester, NH. 

About AVG

At AVG, we have a uniquely community/network approach to venture capital, where we raise relatively small checks ($50K minimum) from a large number of individuals. We build and manage venture capital funds for alumni of selective universities. For example, our first alumni fund, Green D Ventures, raises a new $10M fund every year from ~100-200 alumni. Then the Green D Ventures team invests that money and delivers to our investors a portfolio of 20-30 venture investments diversified by stage, sector, and geography, most with a connection to a Dartmouth alumni. We now have a venture fund for over 15 different alumni communities (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and others). You do NOT have to attend one of our fund schools to apply for this internship. This recent TechCrunch article provides a more in-depth overview of our model. 

AVG in TechCrunch

AVG and Student Founders

Program Content

The AVG internship is an opportunity for an undergraduate to get his or her foot in the door of the venture industry and join a fast-paced, professional, and entrepreneurial environment building the AVG brand and community. This a desirable industry and post, and the selection process is highly selective. We offer our interns both a salary and paid-for apartment housing.

Each Intern will need to be sponsored by an AVG employee, or Responsible Person (RP). RP’s will be in charge of coordinating the intern’s projects and will oversee their experience within AVG. Ideally, the RP will become a mentor and/or valuable connection for the intern post-program.

Interns will be placed into different departments within AVG (Portfolio Services, Finance, Marketing/Communications, Business Development, or the Office of the CEO). While a bulk of their work and RP will be within one of these departments, interns are encouraged to work on projects beyond their placement. 

Interns may have the opportunity to attend company trips, outings, lunches, etc. based on the timing of their cohort. Interns will also be invited to multiple “Lunch & Learns” throughout the program. These lunches will be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Lunch & Learns are with high-level members of AVG and are a more informal way for interns to learn about venture capital, entrepreneurship, and the business world.

This application is for our Spring Quarter cohort. The internship will begin in early April 2020 and continue through June 2020. Our internship cohorts throughout the school year most closely resemble the schedule of a quarter-system school, but all students are welcome to apply. 



  • Current undergraduate student
  • Positive attitude
  • Strong work ethic
  • Desire to learn
  • Attention to detail in execution
  • Superb time management
  • Highly coachable
  • Good listener
  • High EQ
  • Reliable, meeting deadlines and expectations
  • Communicates well with colleagues and manager
  • Ready to roll up your sleeves and help


  • Help us with mission-critical projects
  • Lead and manage
  • Perform at a level that exceeds your age

Bonus Points

  • Advanced Excel skills (Proficient with pivot tables, etc.)
  • Excellent writing/editing skills
  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, etc.)
  • Video production or editing
  • Experience working in HubSpot
  • Software development skills
  • Google Analytics skills

Please feel free to read more about our Company at

First round applications are due November 17th

Second round applications are due December 1st

Applications submitted after the second round deadline may not be reviewed, but students are still welcome to apply. 


If interested, please apply here.

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