VC Associate @ Vencapital in Boston, MA

Our placement program offers a real life experience in venture financing as successful candidates will get the opportunity to work on short term contracts with participating VC firms. During the training candidates will learn the basic mechanics of venture financing and get to evaluate real startups. This is designed to help develop the aptitude for the job and better prepare candidates as associates.

During Placement, the associate will be expected to support portfolio companies in various areas including business development and hiring. He/She will work directly with the General Partners to prepare review materials, provide company specific data and analysis, and facilitate an exhaustive group discussion on investment deals. The role may differ for each firm but will mostly involve managing portfolio company data, including the use of deal flow and management platforms like Pitchbook, Carta, etc. as well as engaging in the off-boarding of companies, and communicating with the portfolio company finance team to ensure the data collection is timely and the process runs smoothly. He/She will be responsible for providing accurate data, for reports and analysis of important outward facing materials, such as investor presentations, quarterly investor letters, fundraising presentations and marketing materials.

More importantly he/she should be able to understand the basic company capital structures, liquidation waterfalls and general venture capital deal dynamics and assist firms in the management of models used to manage the deployment of capital into the companies that comprise each portfolio, including development of blueprints for sequential investments into high potential opportunities. The associate will also assist in preparing fair market valuations of investments in accordance with GAAP and work with the General Partners, CFO and Controller in launching various projects


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