VC Associate @ Fontinalis in Boston, MA

Fontinalis Partners is hiring an Associate, who will be an integral part of our investment team. The position will be based in either Boston or Detroit.

About Fontinalis: Fontinalis is an early-stage venture capital firm broadly focused on “mobility” (efficient movement of all forms). Our investment focus also includes a wide range of “enabling technologies” with major applications in mobility. Fontinalis has been particularly active in themes such as electrification, autonomous vehicles, supply chain and logistics, sensors, semiconductors, rideshare/delivery, robotics, insurtech, space, and additive manufacturing. We are constantly looking to identify what new areas of technology are coming “around the curve” with big implications for the mobility sector.

Key Responsibilities: We are looking for an Associate who is scrappy, hungry, curious, and appreciates that founders go on a crazy rollercoaster ride, willing their companies into existence. As venture capital investors we are there to support them on this journey. As an Associate you will be on the front lines sourcing opportunities, developing hunches and investment theses as we try to identify founders building iconic companies as early as possible, managing our dealflow pipeline, diligencing investments, speaking with founders (sometimes when the “company” is just an idea on a napkin), and supporting portfolio companies with hiring / customer discovery / go-to-market strategy. You will also update quarterly/annual investor reports, conduct valuation and cap table analyses, and prepare investment memos.

General Requirements: Applicants should have 1–4 years of full-time work experience, be comfortable in Excel, be able to communicate with empathy, clarity, and decisiveness, and have a passion for the impact that technology can have on the way the world moves. We imagine this position could be filled by a variety of backgrounds (including folks who are founders / product leads / engineers / investors / investment bankers / management consultants / startup operators / etc).

Impact: Former Associates / Investors at Fontinalis have gone on to start a seed stage venture firm, work as a product manager in web3, co-found a micro-mobility startup, work in product management at a large social media consumer internet company, and been promoted to Principals at the firm. We think this role is an exciting launching pad into the world of technology and startups for highly motivated individuals.

Fontinalis is an equal opportunity employer and we actively encourage candidates from all backgrounds and life experiences to apply.

To Apply: Please email with the subject line ‘Associate Application — Your Name’ by 5pm EST on 3/16/2022.

Please answer the following questions in your email:

  1. What is an area of technology that Fontinalis has not invested in that you believe has significant potential to impact mobility? (200–400 words)
  2. What should we know about you? (200–400 words)
  3. Link to your LinkedIn and/or any other relevant links.
  4. Please attach a resume.
  5. Indicate preference for Boston/Detroit/Either.
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