Senior VC Associate @ Breakthrough Energy Ventures in Boston, MA

We are currently seeking a senior associate to join the Investment group. This position provides the unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of venture capital. Candidates will be expected to work closely with investment execution team, and act as a liason with portfolio companies, investment and company building professionals and the fund administrator. 


Responsibilities Include:

  • Collect, review, and analyze various financial reports, including but not limited to balance sheet, income statement, capital account statements, distributions, capital calls, and waterfall calculations
  • Assist in implementation of new software program which will ensure integrity and consistency of portfolio information
  • Work with investment leads and company CEOs to maintain portfolio company database, including financials, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and milestones.
  • Assist in managing the valuation process of current funds
  • Assist in any audit, tax or fund administration efforts throughout the year
  • Identify best-practice and scalable system processes and controls for improved efficiency
  • Review and analyze information to produce presentations for internal use and for external delivery to institutional investment partners
  • Work closely with compliance to assist Investment Committee
  • Work closely with compliance to assist in establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures
  • Attend investment partner onsite meetings, assist in follow-on investment process
  • Assist in the review of offering memorandum for future funds
  • Collaborate with Investment Committee, investment leads and fund administrator to fulfill ad hoc requests by our investment partners, including cash forecasts, surveys, other diligence requests
  • Assist in oversight of the fund modeling process during asset plans and throughout the year
  • Perform in-depth fund analysis, including waterfall analysis, and provide explanations of fund scenarios
  • Perform market research

If interested, please apply here.

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