VC Partner @ Seventy Six capital in Philadelphia, PA

SeventySix Capital is a Sports Tech Venture Capital company based in Greater Philadelphia, PA. We are investors in the sports tech, esports and sports betting industries. 

We are searching for an additional Partner to work with our team on high-profile sports projects, lead investments in new opportunities, support portfolio companies, and help grow our media presence, Athlete Venture Group and our Sports Advisory business. 

We are open to this new Partner being located outside of the Philadelphia area.

Partner must:

  • Have a deep understanding of Sports, Venture Capital and the overall financial industry
  • Have a minimum of 10 years of investment/deal-making experience (i.e., as a venture capitalist, angel investor, or executive)
  • Have fundraising experience
  • Have the capacity to invest as a General Partner
  • Believe in SeventySix Capital’s philosophy of working with passionate, smart and nice entrepreneurs who want to change the world
  • Have experience, knowledge, and relationships in the sports tech, esports, and sports betting industries 
  • Be a leader, innovator and fearless
  • Be a doer and not just a delegator
  • Work fast but also be incredibly meticulous
  • Comfort and experience in working with high profile business people and athletes 
  • Familiar with high-pressure situations and meetings
  • Have the desire to win and enjoy working with people in an ever-changing setting and dynamic landscape

If interested, please apply here.

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