VC Partner @ Creator Fund in London, England

Creator Fund is hiring an Investment Partner to join our leadership team and oversee our investment process. The role will involve shaping the strategy of a fast-growing Fund, leading deals, working with our portfolio, and helping build our model in new geographies.

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You can also see the Operations role we are hiring here:

🌱 Creator Fund

Creator Fund is a Deep Tech VC fund investing in startups across Europe’s leading universities. We back founders building businesses on the edge of what is possible. We believe that Europe’s next generation of technology unicorns will be founded by PhD and academic founders driving innovation in their fields. We invest in frontier technology with the potential to shape the future of mankind, that has included electronic skin for robots 🤖, mutation-proof vaccines 🦠, autonomous drones ✈️, allowing the human mind to control machines 🧠, software to turn videos into the metaverse 📻..

Creator Fund has a unique sourcing model, with teams on-the-ground across 28 university campuses identifying opportunities early. We have built a portfolio of 14 companies, and have been backed by 60+ LPs, including leading European VC funds. We are the first to scale a successful Silicon Valley model in Europe, which has been a catalyst for the success of university startups in the US.

We recently closed our $20mm UK Fund II, and a separate smaller fund to build our model in new European geographies. We have also closed an investment round into Creator Fund itself. This is a pivotal time in Creator Fund’s journey, and we are looking for an Investment Partner who can help us capitalise on our momentum.

🌍 Investment Partner Role

As Investment Partner you will help manage the investment process at Creator Fund. This is the most senior investing role at the company, after the CEO and Chairman. Your mission will be to build a portfolio of Europe’s most exciting deep technology startups over the next couple of years. You will be responsible for evaluating and closing deals and working closely with our portfolio founders to help them scale.

This is an investing role, but as we are a fast-growing startup it will also involve operations. You will be a senior leader in the Fund helping shape corporate strategy with the CEO and board and develop our internal processes and infrastructure for our new Funds. The role includes:

  • Overseeing our investment funnel: evaluating opportunities, meeting founders, leading our investment teams across university campuses.
  • Investments: Winning, closing and negotiating new investments. Creator Fund invests in 10-15 new companies a year.
  • Huge impact for our Founders: Being the first person that our founders call whenever they need support, and being the most impactful adviser on their team.
  • Fund Strategy: Developing Creator Fund’s corporate strategy alongside our CEO. You shape our organisation and strategy to scale into new geographies and deploy our increased fund size.
  • Working with our Student Teams: We find deals earlier than anyone else because we have teams of expert PhD and other student investors who find opportunities first on campus and have the technical expertise to understand deep technology. You will manage several of these teams and work with our PhDs on technical deal analysis.
  • Investor relations: Maintaining relationships with Creator Fund’s 60+ investor base.
  • Building the Creator Fund brand and network: You will be one of the external leaders of Creator Fund, building our profile and representing us at key events. You will also develop our network across key university and deep technology stakeholders.

⭐ About You

You want to be a leader and play a key role at a unique fund in the European landscape. You don’t want to just be another employee in a large investment firm, you want to be involved in building and shaping something new. You are excited about the investing and operating experience in this role. We want to speak with a broad range of candidates, and we don’t expect candidates to cover every area below:

  • Investor at an early-stage fund with experience winning and closing deals, keen to move to a role with more seniority and entrepreneurialism.
  • Former founder or senior operator who has developed considerable investing experience through angel investments and other investing activity.
  • Strong interest in the deep technology space. You are excited to work with founders building companies on the frontier of what currently exists.
  • Ability to grasp technical concepts quickly. We don’t expect you to be an expert in all the areas we invest in, but you need to be capable of mastering new verticals efficiently.
  • Versatile leadership skills and EQ: You need to have the gravitas to manage relationships with our LPs, while at the same time build trust and respect with our young student investing teams.
  • You have a strong bias for action. A founder mindset who is excited about rolling their sleeves up and leaving their mark on a fast-growing fund.
  • Founders you have worked with in the past would say that you had an instrumental impact on their business.
  • Technical education / PhD

💥 Additional Information

Creator Fund is based on High Street Kensington in London. We work in the Founders Network building alongside, Founders Factory, and Founders Forum. It’s one of the most active and dynamic hubs of startup activity in Europe.

We have a hybrid working model and ask for our team to be in the office 2 days a week. And you will likely spend some time on university campuses.

The role will have a generous carry component in our new fund and future funds, and a competitive salary.

🖊️ Process & How To Apply

We don’t like opaque hiring processes, and so want to be completely transparent about what to expect from our process:

  • Step 1: **Please fill out this short form here.** It includes a question to give you the opportunity to show a flavour of who you are, beyond your CV:
  • Step 2: We will invite candidates for an introductory call with our Hiring Lead, followed by an interview with our CEO. Other candidates will be told they are not moving forward.
  • Step 3: A smaller number of candidates will have interviews with 2-3 members of the broader team as a final stage.

If you have any questions please email:

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