VC Manager @ Peregrade Ventures in Chicago, IL

Like our namesake bird, this family office has moved swiftly since its inception in 2018. We are active across multiple asset classes, including private equity/venture capital, real estate, and entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from software to consumer packaged goods. Our team is composed of entrepreneurs, data wizards, and professionals committed to supporting the growth of the investments we so thoughtfully select. With 50+ current portfolio investments and a runway of exciting opportunities ahead, there is plenty of space to create your own path within the organization – we encourage everyone to bring their passions and interests to the table!

How we work
Peregrade Ventures employees work out of the Industrious coworking space in the heart of Wicker Park in
Chicago, Illinois. Given the size of our team, everyone is expected to take initiative (as opposed to waiting to be told what to do) and have the “roll up your sleeves” mentality.

About the Role
The Investment Manager will be responsible for owning the screening and due-diligence process for the family office’s portfolio – they will also support everything from company strategy, financial reporting and hands-on consulting across their portfolio of investments within the company.

Job Characteristics

  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Analysis, Valuation, & Modeling | Demonstrate strength in valuation methods such as discounted cash flow, comparable company analysis, and precedent transactions for investment banking, private-equity, mergers & acquisitions, or leveraged buyouts, and other merger models that maximize platform value through strategic acquisitions, business synergies, and operational improvements.
  • Industry & Competitive Analysis | Assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential platform industries, acquisition targets, and competitors as well as outline competitive landscape, products, services, P-E ratios, dividends, profit growth profile, various financial ratios, liquidity, cashflow, and method of growth (organic or acquisitive).
  • Business Diligence Support deals and transactions, M&A, capital raising, and other diligence activities by thoroughly assessing the target company’s business, assets, capabilities, and financial performance. As required, conduct administrative, financial, asset, people, tax, intellectual property, customer, and strategic fit due diligence. Close investments and review/understand legal terms and documentation.
  • Portfolio Management
  • Manage and advise portfolio companies. Develop expertise across an assigned set of industries, which will drive portfolio company assignments.
  • Solve problems and provide functional support for portfolio companies ranging from accounting/financial reporting to strategy to operations to marketing.
  • Qualitative
  • Able to push several projects and tasks forward brisky and autonomously, requiring acute communication and organization skills to balance multiple portfolio companies, potential investment opportunities, etc.
  • Shift between “builder” and “maintainer” mindset to launch and create processes/tools and maintain them on go-forward basis
  • Desire to build, grow, and own the outcomes of a business’s success. Possess a continuous improvement mindset capable of driving for results, often with limited or incomplete information.

Breakdown: 45% vetting and diligence of potential investments, 20% supporting portfolio companies, 20% general projects, 10% ad-hoc

  • Own the screening and due diligence process – advocate for new investment opportunities in connection with company strategy. Be held accountable for subsequent performance of investments.
  • Manage set of portfolio companies and be accountable for certain components of performance
  • Leverage professional and results oriented approach to various company initiatives e.g., building out financial reporting to assess performance across investment portfolio
  • Create and maintain professional relationships while showing respect and professionalism as a representative of the family office and the principal’s family


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Business, or other related degree – MBA, CPA, CFA required.
  • 3+ years of demonstrated experience within investment banking, investment research as an analyst, consulting, M&A, or private equity experiences and demonstrate resourcefulness, quantitative and analytical skills, the ability to work independently and solid interpersonal skills.
  • Must have extensive financial modeling skills and experience in Excel.
  • Candidates who take initiative, have high personal and professional standards and a tremendous work ethic are considered ideal.

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