VC Internship @ SOP Ventures in New York City, NY

S.O.P. Ventures is a new, early-stage, New York-based VC focused on East Coast companies.  The firm particularly has interest in fintech, edtech, and salestech. 

S.O.P.’s founder is David Teten, previously a Partner with HOF Capital and ff Venture Capital and a serial fintech entrepreneur with 2 exits. David is also Founder of HBS Alumni Angels of NY, the largest angel group on the East Coast. The roadmap for the firm is here: Syllabus for how to launch, manage, and invest a VC fund .

Currently planned intern projects:

– Market ourselves and the firm through owned channels, national media, etc.
– Analytic support in fundraising
– Evaluate service providers
– Conduct industry analyses
– Talk with founders and select startups to partner with.
– Execute a couple new initiatives that I won’t mention publicly for now 
– Aid in birthing a new firm

Note that this list will inevitably evolve. As the firm grows, we will need support in origination, financial modeling, due diligence, transaction execution, etc.

Why join?

– Work with a very experienced VC and mentor
– Learn about venture capital, particularly fintech
– Learn the behind-the-scenes of building a venture fund (fundraising, ops, etc.)
– Learn how to launch a company:
– Learn how to sell/raise money virtually; see How to Make Sales as Easy as Online Dating
– If you want to start a company later, we’ll likely be your earliest and biggest backer.
– We’re in the business of meeting the top 0.1% early in their careers. The people you build deep relationships with now will go on to do interesting things.
– Transparency.
– Strong focus on mentoring students.

Expertise/skill sets sought

We are open to both undergrad and grad interns. Ideal experience: VC or investing more broadly; strategy consulting; investment banking; product management at a tech company; investor relations/fundraising; sales.  

Note that this is designed for someone who’s going to school in the fall/winter, as opposed to someone who’s looking for a new job.

We love working with individuals from diverse, underestimated backgrounds. A few markers we look for:

– You built something nobody told you to build.
– Technical, or at least comfortable talking with technical people.
– Strong writing/presentation skills valued.
– High energy.
– Broadly literate about VC/startups. Our industry is very transparent; it’s easy to self-educate.
– History of associating with high-caliber people.


Flexible hours and start/end dates. Minimum 20 hour/week commitment, prefer full time. Hours and location are flexible.

To apply: 

Please mail careers(@) a detailed resume (see How to Write a Resume that Sells); expected compensation; location and time zone; writing sample; availability (hours/week and dates); plans for the fall/winter 2020-21; and a summary of how you think you can add value to a new VC firm. 

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