VC Internship @ Precursor Ventures in San Francisco, CA

Precursor Ventures is a five year old venture capital fund that focuses on pre-seed and seed investing. We make 25-30 new investments per year in hardware and software companies at the earliest stage of their development. We are a small team of three looking to bring on an intern to help us manage a few ongoing tasks.

Precursor Team Overview

We are a team of three, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can learn more about the three of us here:

Key Responsibilities and Activities

We are hiring an intern to help us with a few of our core day-to-day activities at the firm. There are two core areas where we could use help.

Responding to Inbound Requests

We encourage founders to reach out to us directly through our website; we do not require a warm introduction in order for us to take a look at a deck or learn more about a company. We ask founders to submit their materials through a form on our website. Our website form connects to our dealflow system and allows us to review those companies alongside our other sources of dealflow.

On average, we receive 40 new submissions per week. It takes about 20 minutes to review each submission and determine whether it is a fit for Precursor. As our intern, we will look to you to determine which companies you pass along to the investment team for further consideration and which ones we should decline to pursue.

We strive to provide timely feedback to the founders who take the time to apply for consideration through our website. The successful intern will be able to respond to all inbound submissions within 7 days. We will work with you to make sure that all outbound communications to founders are in keeping with our style and approach.

Portfolio Data Management

We have made over 200 investments to date and we receive monthly and quarterly updates from our portfolio companies. We use Airtable to store, manage, and analyze our portfolio company data. While your primary focus will be on managing the queue of incoming submissions, there will be some opportunities to help us organize our portfolio company data, including information on KPIs, contact information for founders, and other internal projects focused on portfolio support.

Expectations and Compensation

This internship is intended to be a part-time internship that can be done by students who are in school or by others who have the flexibility to take on additional work:

  • Target Start Date: March 1st
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Expected Time Commitment: 15-20 hours per week
  • Compensation: $600 per week, paid twice per month

Qualifications and Preparation

The ideal applicant for this position will have some familiarity with venture capital or the startup ecosystem. We do not require previous work experience in venture or at a startup company, but enthusiasm for and familiarity with the industry will allow the candidate to maximize learnings and contributions over the 12 weeks.

  • Current MBA Student: You must be enrolled in an MBA program, and authorized to work in the US.
  • Positive Attitude – Optimism is one of our core values at Precursor. We are looking to bring on an intern who exhibits a positive attitude and is optimistic about the future
  • Curiosity – We value intellectual curiosity and are looking for an intern who enjoys learning new things and thinks creatively about how to tackle new problems
  • Problem-solving mindset – Many of the things we work on at Precursor are new problems to solve. We are looking for an intern who will approach this work with a problem-solving mindset
  • Strong writing and communications skills – A significant portion of this internship will involve communicating with founders, primarily in writing. Strong, clear writing is essential for this role.
  • Willing to work independently – This is a remote position where you’ll get some contact with the rest of the team, but most of the work is expected to be performed independently.

How to Apply

The application will remain open until midnight pacific time on February 22, 2021. We will review applications and send out interview invitations on a rolling basis. If you are interested in applying, please do so via this form!

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