VC Internship @ Ikove Venture Partners in Columbus, OH

Ikove Venture Partners, headquartered in Columbus, OH, is a Venture studio and Venture Development firm that is aligned with multiple US research institutions and pursues early-stage investments with emphasis on technology.
Through its “Startup Nursery”, Ikove identifies and validates developing high-impact technologies, providing capital and commercialization resources to bridge the development gap between R&D funding and VC-funded rounds.
Ikove forms high caliber Launch Teams to navigate the complex and difficult path to market faced by technology startups, with the underlying goal of solidifying robust revenue streams and customer bases.
Ikove has partners and directors in New York, Miami, Silicon Valley, Chicago, London, Monaco, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belem, and Shanghai.
Primary Responsibilities
(Ikove and its portfolio companies)

  • Carry out in-depth industry market research for various target markets based on parameters given by the Market Analyst, PM’s, Partners, EIR’s, and Portfolio Company Executives.
  • Ability to understand the product(s) services, and technologies assigned to you and to think about them in unique and creative ways. The following are some examples of the analytical thought patterns we are looking for:
  • Ability to determine potential market problems in a variety of markets that could be solved by platform technologies
  • Ability to perform competitive analysis in these markets
  • Ability to creatively and accurately estimate TAM, SAM, and SOM in established markets as well as frontier markets
  • Ability to analyze and assess regulatory realities and risks in both established and emerging markets
  • Ability to source and communicate with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) about specific market problems and potential technologies that can solve these problems
  • Use a structured approach to track progress of pipeline opportunities and research to help build institutional knowledge across a variety of businesses, sectors, and markets.
  • Derive insights and draw relevant conclusions from historical data and research
  • Support due diligence for potential new opportunities through detailed market research and analysis, as well as review of technology and financial modeling if required.
  • Ability to compile, synthesize, and relay large amounts of information to various work product stakeholders in verbal and written form
  • Develop detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis on specific business factors like revenue, market share, CAGR, etc.

In addition to the duties that were outlined above you shall perform such other duties as are customarily associated with the position and as your supervisor or company management may from time to time require.
Summer Intern Project

Research & develop a thesis on a specific sector and its trends as it relates to current or future day to day usage of products/services. Upon refinement of this thesis, source and vet one or more potential technologies that could be implemented to solve current problems in your selected space. At the end of the summer, you will present this thesis and the potential technologies to members of the Ikove Investment Pipeline Team.
What This Role Gives You?

  • Joining a small, fun and entrepreneurial team, receiving significant responsibility during the summer
  • Learning about the landscape of venture capital, venture development, and early-stage technology startups
  • Working with the Ikove Investment Pipeline team and the Startup Nursery team and learning how Ikove identifies, invests in, and builds early-stage technology startups.
  • Evaluating technologies and markets; deal structuring and negotiation; and ongoing portfolio management and support
  • Exposure to a broad set of companies and technologies, many of which are in the early stages of transforming their industries
  • Interacting with entrepreneurs, startup operators, and technologists in not just Columbus but in cities across the US and the rest of the world
  • Becoming embedded in the flow of the startup and venture capital community

What We are Looking for in This Role?

  • Currently enrolled college/university student interested in a summer internship based in Columbus or Dayton, Ohio
  • Major in Finance, Economics, Business, STEM area, or other relevant subject that has a passion for venture capital and early-stage technology startups
  • A track record that demonstrates exceptional persistence, resourcefulness, and leadership in previous endeavors
  • Previous work and/or exhibited interest with startups
  • A collaborative and creative nature with intellectual curiosity
  • Highly proficient with products like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Extremely strong communication and relationship-building skills
  • Strong academic record is strongly appreciated but far from the only factor considered
  • Exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Proven ability to self-motivate and direct your own work
  • Demonstrated passion for technology and innovation; successful candidates are well-read and deeply curious

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