VC Internship @ Alix Ventures in San Francisco, CA

Alix Ventures is a San Francisco based early stage venture capital fund supporting Healthcare & Life Science (HC/LS) startups driving patient impact. Our entire team comprises top-VC-backed (Arch, F-Prime, 8VC, First Round, Y-Combinator, amongst others) HC/LS founders. Born from our collective experience as entrepreneurs, we set out to build the fund we wanted to raise from.

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We are recruiting 1-2 talented and motivated individuals per university passionate about healthcare/life sciences innovation to serve as Campus Ambassadors. The position would be particularly advantageous to those who aspire to be HC/LS startup founders and/or work in venture capital.

We are looking for top candidates interested in strengthening their involvement at world renowned research universities such as….

Recruiting Universities Harvard, MIT, Stanford, CalTech, UCSF, Cal Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA, Penn, Johns Hopkins, University of Washington, Research Triangle (Duke + UNC), & Chicago Land (Northwestern + UChicago).

Responsibilities include

  • Collaborate w/ Alix Ventures on campus to
    • Source promising HC/LS startup investment opportunities
    • Build Tech transfer office relationships
    • Network with Top university labs & professors
    • Host student organization events
    • Facilitate partnerships with university organizations
  • Strengthen your knowledge of the startup ecosystem & build investment theses through market deep dives (roughly one per month) in verticals HC/LS of interest. We’ll publish these on our content platform called BIOS. See our recent feature on AI Enabled Drug Discovery
  • Meet regularly with the Alix team to share updates on promising startings, campus events, network building & Present market research
  • Network with fellow campus ambassadors across other top research universities
  • Attend Alix fireside chats, networking sessions, portfolio company meetings, & ask me anythings


  • Current undergraduate or graduate student with both broad/deep connections to HC/LS entrepreneurship communities & centers of excellence on campus
  • Formal coursework in the life sciences, medicine, entrepreneurship, and related fields are preferred, but not required as much as a willingness to hustle
  • Experience leading a campus entrepreneurship organization, VC investing or startup operating is a BIG plus


  • Mentorship Personalized mentorship, advice, and warm intros that will accelerate your career in healthcare/life sciences investing & entrepreneurship
  • Network Connection to our invaluable network of investors, founders, & campus ambassadors at other top-tier universities across the country
  • Thought Leadership Feature your personal writing as guest contributor on BIOS Medium alongside some of the top voices in healthcare/life sciences CEOs @ Novartis & Kaiser, distinguished professors, top founders, & Midas List VCs
  • Exclusives Access to exclusive campus ambassador events (e.g. fire side chats) featuring key thought leaders in healthcare/life sciences

If interested, please apply here.

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