VC Fellowship @ HAX in Remote

The HAX Venture Fellowship is a hands-on program for the next generation of Hard Tech venture investors and entrepreneurial leaders. 

The 1-year, part-time program combines learning and action, giving Fellows the opportunity to work alongside HAX leadership to bring deep technology from the workshop into the real world. Fellows will receive direct exposure to the world of early stage venture investing, and are given responsibilities as a technology scout, investment analyst, and hands-on venture builder. 

The program is best suited for engineer-entrepreneurs that are currently enrolled in a business or entrepreneurial university program (MBA, PhD or similar) and past technical experience as a non-software engineer. The Fellowship is designed for individuals looking to take their first steps into VC or expecting to found their own Hard Tech startup in the future. 

Each cohort of HAX Venture Fellows will bring together individuals from diverse genders, races, orientations, abilities and circumstances. 

About HAX & SOSV

HAX is the most active early stage investor in Hard Tech: robotics, internet of things, materials and electronics that have massive impact in industrial, health and consumer markets. We invest over $25m a year into >35 new startups as well as follow-on investments into the >250 current HAX portfolio companies. Along with our investment, we also provide hands-on development support to startups with a full staff of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs across our locations in San Francisco, Shenzhen and Tokyo. 

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HAX is a part of SOSV, an $855M venture capital firm providing multi-stage investment to develop and scale our founders’ big ideas for positive change. SOSV has invested in over 1,000 startups through our accelerator programs, which are ranked top in the world in hardware, biotech and decentralized internet.

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About the HAX Venture Fellowship

The HAX Venture Fellowship is launching its first cohort for aspiring engineer-entrepreneurs looking to kickstart a career in early stage venture capital or found their own Hard Tech startup. We are looking for individuals currently enrolled in a business or entrepreneurial focused program (MBA, PhD or similar) program, with a background in non-software engineering (electrical, chemical, mechanical, see more below). 

The program is an equal mix of learning, building and networking alongside HAX Leadership and the HAX Portfolio. Fellows will have responsibility to build startup deal flow pipelines, perform due diligence, and be hands-on venture building with HAX pre-seed companies. Each cohort is a one year, part-time commitment (~5-10 hours / week) with opportunities for full-time employment during academic breaks. 

Learning and Networking

A regular cadence of community conversations and programming around how to find, evaluate, invest and build early stage Hard Tech; with guest conversations with world class entrepreneurs, investors and experts alongside a diverse cohort of Fellows. 

Hard Tech Scouting

Responsibility for scouting regional emerging technology research and early stage startups in search of potential investment. You’ll be supported by HAX leadership, analysts, a robust online toolkit and access to our best practices of building and maintaining a network. 

Early Stage Diligence

You’ll learn best practices and tools for analysis of early stage Hard Tech startups and opportunities for venture investment. You will work directly with HAX analysts and leadership teams on evaluation criteria and data to support early stage investments. 

Hands-On Venture Building

Directly support early stage engineers and entrepreneurs formalizing their go-to-market strategies towards their next rounds of investment. 

Making the Fellowship Better

Every HAX Venture Fellow will be tasked with making the Fellowship better for the next cohort with new tools, resources or connections. 

Fellowship Requirements

Experience : 

  • You are currently enrolled in a US-based education program with a business or entrepreneurial emphasis (MBA, PhD, etc…)
  • You have a background or working experience in non-software engineering, which could include:
  • mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, environmental, mechatronics, industrial, aerospace, biological or other physical technology development. 
  • Career aspirations to become a Hard Tech entrepreneur or venture investor
  • No prior experience as an entrepreneur or venture investor is required. 

Location : 

  • This is a remote program with opportunities to join us in our San Francisco, Shenzhen and Tokyo offices during academic breaks.
  • You are currently studying in the United States 

Time Commitment : 

  • 5-10 hours per week for 1 calendar year starting in June
  • Opportunities for full time employment during academic breaks

What’s Needed to Apply: 

  1. CV, Resume, or Linkedin Profile that best describes your experience
  2. Please answer the prompt of “What Will Make You a Unique HAX Venture Fellow?” with either a written 1-page letter or <2 min video (Youtube Private Listed Link, unedited, quick selfie videos preferred)

Application Deadline May 1st (Please Submit Early!)

If interested, please apply here.

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