VC Fellowship @ Divergent Capital in New York City, NY

Divergent Capital is kicking off our inaugural fellowship program. We are looking for passionate and driven students to join us in a semester-long program to gain hands on experience in venture capital and startups. We are looking for undergraduate and graduate students in STEM for our first cohort that will run from February to June 2021.


Divergent Capital is a New York based early-stage venture fund backing deeply technical innovations that break the mold of traditional business models to take advantage of unique business and market opportunities. We are industry and sector agnostic. We are interested in technological innovations such as ML/AI, Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics, AR/VR, Advanced Materials, Synthetic Biology across sectors like consumer, industrial, transportation, healthcare, and education.

Led by two incredible and experienced female managers, Lucy Wang and Katie Shea, Divergent Capital invests in pre-seed startups with high technical and business model risks to capture the most value in a space where most investors shy away from. We are no-FOMO, first check writers. We lead our investments with high conviction in groundbreaking companies by relying on our diverse experience, deep research, and primary due diligence. We don’t make decisions based on pattern matching.

Our track record speaks for our performance and some of our breakout investments include Bombas, Clay, ClearGraph, Covariant AI, EasyKnock, Possible Finance, Self, Immuta and Outlier AI.


  • Have boots on the ground to assist Divergent in sourcing from different regions.
  • Track and discover research projects in universities before they spin out into companies.
  • Identify promising technical founders before they begin their founder’s journey.
  • Develop expertise in domain areas with smart students that we can tap into for diligence.
  • Stay on top of scientific and technological trends that are under development.


  • Gain hands of experience in venture capital and startups.
  • Learn to develop investment thesis, evaluate deals, and source promising startups.
  • Join a network of incredibly intelligent and driven individuals across the country.
  • Develop in-depth understanding of various industries and trends.
  • Involve in exciting opportunities outside of school that are hard to come by.


  • At Divergent, we firmly believe that often times, the most valuable perspectives come from the least expected voices and their convergence gives light to where the world is heading.
  • We seek intellectually curious contrarians who are constantly questioning the status quo, and self-driven truth-seekers who go out of their way to look for answers. Your background doesn’t matter to us — we are excited to work with scouts from all walks of life and education backgrounds.
  • Divergent Capital Fellowship is the beginning of your relationship with us, the right candidate will be able to bring unique perspectives to our team, learn quickly as we collaborate, and ultimately graduate into a member of our network as you move on to work on amazing things.
  • STEM undergraduate and graduate students across the US are all welcomed as long as you show promising traits and will be able to contribute to the program.
  • Since this is an initiative to source scientific and technical founders, no previous venture experience is required.


Duration and Commitment

  • 5-months long, running from February to June 2021.
  • Estimated time commitment is ~5 hours/week.

Fellow Responsibilities

  • As a member of this program, Divergent will work with you in crafting your unique engagement plan during your time with us where you could work on things that excite you the most, such as discovering industry trends, diving into specific domain areas, and sourcing for deals that align with the Divergent thesis.
  • Develop and iterate on a thesis in a chosen domain/industry throughout the program.
  • Source founders, research projects, and startups from within universities and support diligence on these opportunities.
  • Share interesting startups and trends to educate the team and fellows.
  • Participate in community events, roundtable discussions, and online conversations.


Please use this form to tell us more about yourself. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling-basis and the final deadline is February 10, 11:59pm ET. Please reach out to for additional inquiries and accommodation requests.

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