Venture Fellows Program @ Alumni Ventures Group in San Francisco, CA

Alumni Ventures Group (LinkedIn, Crunchbase) creates and manages alumni venture capital funds. Our funds are private, for profit, and not affiliated with their respective university. Our funds are based on a simple idea: alums do better investing together than alone. We have successful annual funds for alums at Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern, the University of Wisconsin, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cornell and Columbia—and are adding new funds once a quarter.

We offer investors a large, diverse venture portfolio where they back the companies of fellow alumni and co-invest alongside smart, professional VCs.

We believe we do better investing together than we can alone.


Information about the Fellow role

We are building the Venture Fellow Program for and with the brightest young minds in entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in the country.

The Venture Fellow Program provides alumni of our universities exposure to venture capital. It is an educational opportunity that makes a meaningful impact on career acceleration and trajectory. You will experience the entire lifecycle of a venture fund: raising capital, investor relations, deal sourcing, diligence, and making investments. No prior experience in venture capital is required. There is no financial cost to those who are selected to join the program.

The Venture Fellow Program is highly competitive. Fellows are the brightest minds from the nation’s top universities. They are the next generation of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Fellows receive professional training, ongoing and regularly scheduled mentorship, and a completely unique, hands-on venture capital experience. This kind of opportunity does not exist elsewhere.

Those selected are expected to fully commit to the program, work off deadlines and communicate effectively and promptly.

Program Structure

Who: Alumni of one of our funds’ universities. Interested in venture capital, and understand the difficulty of breaking into the industry. Interest and experience in innovative industries and companies. Proactive, will reach out first, and follow up until the opportunity arises.

What: A one-year, structured educational experience.

First Half: Build your knowledge through the Venture Fellow Academy, a custom, MBA-level course on Venture Capital developed by AVG exclusively for the consumption of our Venture Fellows. Network with alumni entrepreneurs, investors, and LPs. Learn from the books how to be a VC.

Second Half: Elevate your game and start to learn VC by doing VC. Source deals. Perform due diligence. Experience the full investment process. Work directly with the fund’s deal team. Transition to VC.

When: When we launch a new fund, we bring on two Founding Fellows. We then add one new Fellow each quarter thereafter.

Where: Although the program is intentionally highly-structured, the work required can be done 100% remotely and 100% on your own schedule.

Why: Fellows choose to apply and participate in the program to accelerate their career trajectory in whatever aspirations they may have. The program offers a completely unique opportunity to gain the skills, network, and experience necessary to break into VC or accelerate your chosen career trajectory.


First Half:

Fellows are the face of our funds. Fellows can expect to network and engage with successful alumni—Partners, CEOs, etc.—of industries relevant to VC. Specifically, fellows will:

  • Introduce alumni to our funds and community
  • Answer questions about our model & investment strategy
  • Facilitate introductions between investors, entrepreneurs, and our deal team.

Second Half:

Fellows work directly with the deal teams on live investment opportunities. Dig into the skills of Venture investing.

  • Research exciting new companies and technology
  • Engage entrepreneurs via email, LinkedIn, phone and in-person
  • Aid with the diligence and discussion of investment opportunities

Additional Benefits

We strive to offer a number of tangible and intangible benefits and learning experiences for each fellow.

Learn Venture Capital

  • Build your knowledge base with the Venture Fellow Academy
  • Practice the skills on live deals
  • Access to our team of veteran entrepreneurs/investors

Put VC on your resume/LNKD

  • Extremely scarce opportunities in this field
  • Get a leg up in your career development, foot in the door for industry

Transition Your Career to Venture Capital

  • High value references to support your career next steps
  • Custom On-Ramp Plan to help facilitate your transition

Amplified Professional development

  • Real work experience and skill building
  • Meaningful, impactful stories to tell in your next job interview

Access to Diligence Materials & Data Room

  • Unprecedented peak behind the curtain into VC evaluations, decision making, Investment Committee and company call audio, etc.
  • Monthly group fellow diligence reviews led by the deal teams

Our Rolodex is Your Rolodex.

  • National peer network of rising stars of entrepreneurship
  • Build your own alumni network while helping the fund
  • Know who we know

If interested, please apply here.

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