VC Principal @ Heidelberg Cement in Berlin, Germany

We are hiring for our VC team in Berlin, immediately. We prefer brilliant minds and personalities over previous VC experience (though experience certainly doesn’t hurt either).

Let’s be honest: When you read “HeidelbergCement”, your first thoughts might be “dusty, slow, uninspiring”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We pride ourselves in being among the fastest companies in the world with the best business sense. You might not believe this right away – we usually don’t talk a lot about us. Just google us for 5 minutes, and you will stumble across other people who talk about our speed, consequence and business acumen.

What’s true: we don’t build autonomous cars. We don’t build landing rockets. We don’t build blockchains and ICO them.

But what we do is we really disrupt one of the last undisrupted industries: Construction. Construction is one of 3 industries responsible for 88% of all inflation since the year 2000. It is one of the most inefficient industries in the world. It is just beginning its digital journey.

That means: it is one of the last Eldorados to build exponential new businesses.

Our ambition is to fundamentally change how construction works. We are serious about this – no PR nonsense, no pseudo-disruption, no digital lab in Berlin that pretends to do innovation. We disrupt construction with force and a pure financial motivation. And: we are among the world’s most entrepreneurial companies (yes, we are!). That puts us in the best position to completely transform the construction industry. In just a few years, we want to be Germany’s most reputed corporate in disruptive business models.

On our team we give you a mission. Your mission is to lead investments. More specifically, your mission consists of …

  1. Finding ten rockstar startups a year within construction and adjacent spaces that we want to invest in. And bringing those startups to the point where they want us as an important investor
  2. Building a deal-sharing platform across North America, Europe and Asia for construction, and scaling it
  3. Carving out the fundamentals in startups’ business models in doing your due diligence. Coming up with own scalable business ideas within construction
  4. Giving our portfolio companies unique insight into construction

For this mission we hire Mindset+IQ+EQ, not experience. You fit to us when you are …

  • A brilliant mind who prefers ‘first principles’ thinking (google it if you are not familiar with the expression), logical reasoning (you know the word ‘ergo’) and ‘first of its kind’ creativity (we hate copy & paste)
  • An execution machine who always aspires towards ‘world-class’, rolls up the sleeves and gets it done
  • An empathizer who is hearing the intent and has excellent observation skills
  • A precise, no-nonsense communicator who expresses clearly opinions that are based on data and Facts

Having experience in venture capital is helpful, but for us it is not a requirement. We want people with the best mindset+IQ+EQ on our team. We are happy to sacrifice experience, but we will not sacrifice personality and brain.

We strongly believe in aligned incentives with financial upside. That’s why we pay a competitive salary plus give you carry in our portfolio.

We like things fast and simple. Please just use the Easy Apply function and attach your CV.


If interested, please apply here.

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