VC Principal @ General Catalyst in San Francisco, CA

General Catalyst: (LinkedIn, Crunchbase) We are seeking an exceptional person to join our West Coast investment team. In this position, you will be tasked with finding and investing in the most ambitious founders who are building important and enduring companies. Your primary focus will be on those in the enterprise cloud—both applications and the underlying infrastructure. You’ll work closely with all of us and we’ll be eager to work with you.

In this role, you will often be the first friendly face of our investment team as you will seek out and meet with brilliant teams regularly and on your own. You will represent General Catalyst with your thoughtfulness and deep respect for the entrepreneurial journey.

We’ll invest in you, but here’s what you’ll bring:

–You’re a node: You’re connected in the startup ecosystem, are a natural networker and relentless in seeking out and meeting ambitious founders.

–You’re independent: We don’t manage, we mentor. You’ll get a long leash with a license to learn as you grow.

–You enjoy not knowing things: Subject matter expertise comes after retirement. We only want curious people who test the limits of their own minds, year after year after year.

–You ask the right questions: Our entrepreneurs are the experts; we ask the deep questions. Identifying what matters most will help us (and you) understand highly technical products and the market drivers behind their importance.

We value diversity of all kinds, including diversity of thought, background and experience. You’ll bring two to nine years of overall working experience to this position. While previous experience as a founder, in venture capital, or in operating roles at a startup is helpful, we value rigorous independent thinking and intellectual honesty even more.

Entrepreneurship is the most exciting job on earth. We’re fortunate to have the second. We have managed eight funds with $3.75 billion in capital raised to date, which has enabled us to back and develop deep relationships with transformative companies. Airbnb. Datto. Demandware. Gusto. Honest Company. HubSpot. Kayak. Oscar. Snap. Stripe. Warby Parker.

Help us find and support the next names on this list.

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