VC Principal @ Flagship Pioneering in Cambridge, MA

The Principal will operate with the FSP team (Linkedin, Crunchbase) through the Exploration (conception), Protoco (reduction to practice), Newco (new company launch) and Venture (spun out company with external CEO) phases of the company life cycles.

Key Responsibilities:

Ideation and Origination

  • Work with Partner and Associates to formulate and vet new Venture Hypotheses based on breakthrough scientific and technological insights
    • Explore intellectual property landscape and define opportunity for developing and capturing novel and broad intellectual property
    • Define key scientific experiments, plan and budget to instantiate and derisk the opportunity space (ProtoCo phase)
    • Reach out to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), engage in scientific discussions to pressure test hypotheses, and network and establish deep relationships.
    • Formulate hypotheses and corresponding thought experiments, mine/review scientific literature for supporting data, and synthesize in the form of presentation (Exploration phase)

Execution and Leadership

  • Work with partner to flesh out and articulate vision, value proposition and plan for new breakthrough, life sciences venture
  • Work with partner to draft investment memorandum outlining investment thesis and recommendation to Flagship investment committee
  • Help identify, vet and recruit prospective employees for company (Research Associate to VP level)
  • Lead day to day activities of explorations, proto companies, and newcos including scientific direction, hiring, and operations – potentially serving as a director of scientific team consisting of Sr. Scientists, Director of Research & Development, and providing support for business development function or other similar strategic role in newly formed entity.

Independently build plans and budgets for new company and propose to partner.

  • Formally engage KOLs as Scientific Advisory Board members for newly formed seed or Series A-stage company.
  • Develop intellectual property strategy for company in collaboration with IP counsel and implement, including drafting patent filings and driving research plan to support IP.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations outlining vision, strategy, and activities of a protoco or newco
  • Engage in firm-wide (Flagship) activities and supportive projects, including Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program.
  • Represent firm (Flagship) at external events in the form of speaking engagements, panel discussions, networking events etc.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • PhD in a scientific discipline and a minimum of 5 year’s private equity, venture capital, or as a consultant for a major consultancy firm, preferably servicing the pharmaceutical or related industries.
  • Previous strategy and/or drug development experience in biotech/pharma is a plus.
  • Scientifically creative thinker with a visionary, optimistic outlook.
  • Demonstrated business acumen with a keen sense for value based on a broad understanding of all aspects of business e.g. intellectual property, R&D, finance, manufacturing, marketing and sales
  • Strategic planning and building skills with sound scientific skills, analytical ability, good judgment and strong operational focus
  • Adaptable, resourceful and entrepreneurial, undaunted by technical and operational challenges.
  • Excellent communication skills, with ability to craft and convey compelling vision of the future.
  • Strong leader and team builder, with the ability to develop and supervise a group of scientific professionals and executives, and to build a culture of innovation, perseverance and agility.
  • Maintain high level of trust and integrity under strict confidentiality
  • Exemplary ability to understand the interests of the parties working with the Partner, as well as their intentions


  • Scientific creativity
  • Entrepreneurial resourcefulness/business acumen
  • Intellectual property savvy
  • Leadership and team building skills
  • Communication skills

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