VC Partner @ Shift Ventures in Baltimore, MD

The Conscious Venture Fund 1 is a seed and pre-seed stage venture fund established to look for opportunities to support female and minority founders pursuing scalable ideas focused on broad scale resilience and sustainability. We believe smart, talented and capable entrepreneurs are equally distributed across our society. Opportunity on the other hand is not. We exist to invest in big ideas, aimed at solving important societal problems, in businesses created by diverse founders who understand a more conscious form of business is the path to societal and financial returns. We invest primarily in companies accepted into our not-for-profit accelerator, the Conscious Venture Lab.

We are looking for an up and coming star in the venture capital business. This person will be a full general partner and member of the investment team, with check writing authority. The ideal candidate is someone with 3-5 years experience as a partner, associate or general partner in a small to mid-sized venture fund. You must be able to point to a record of venture capital investing and engaging with portfolio companies as a partner or portfolio manager in a venture capital fund.

Additionally you must be someone with a passion for mission-driven business and who wants to expand access to opportunity to entrepreneurs who have historically been under-estimated.

We are believers in the tenets of “Conscious Capitalism” and looking for someone who has been exposed to these ideas and wants to impact the world by investing in companies with a stakeholder mindset. Our work environment is highly collaborative and highly autonomous so you must be a self-starter and intrinsically motivated executive.

As this is a new and first-time fund, we’re looking for someone who is comfortable with the risk of working in a startup itself. You’ll have a full share in the carried interest of the fund so expect to have some skin in the game in terms of rolling your sleeves up, helping get the fund off the ground and doing some work before success is guaranteed. This partner will be involved in the capital raising process and all other aspects of operating and managing the fund.


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