VC Manager @ Verizon Ventures in San Francisco, CA

Venture Development is an essential part of the Verizon Ventures program. The Manager is responsible for working with prospective and existing portfolio companies to understand their products and services and creating new compelling value propositions for Verizon. They will marry Verizon strategic priorities and entrepreneurial dynamics and translate them into tactical investment and partnership delivery.This position requires a keen eye for identifying and a passion for driving innovation at scale while maintaining a balanced attitude in negotiation and cross functional/company collaboration.

Key responsibilities include:

Work with internal product, strategy & network teams to identify and communicate priority topics to align with investment theses & Ventures portfolio development.

Promote & evangelize the Ventures portfolio within Verizon and to the external business community to drive awareness and commercial business opportunities.

Manage and support the Ventures portfolio companies to drive value byunderstanding their needs, identifying internal VZ and external partnership opportunities, providing business tools and technology platforms to accelerate their growth, showcasing their technologies to internal and external teams, and prioritizing the business development and investment pipeline.

Actively engage in and develop community events, which drive value tothe Verizon to increase awareness of the portfolio and development opportunities.

Identify emerging external technology trends to help shape and develop investment theses and new business development opportunities.

Source, engage, review & prioritize new technology startups in investment theses areas.

Develop subject matter expertise withstrategic & financial analytical reports in core areas.

Jointly explore new innovation creation through collaboration with VZ internal stakeholders and external entrepreneurs.

Track & report metrics associated with all aspects of the investment pipeline, portfolio partnership efforts, community efforts and innovation exploration.

Collaborate with Verizon legal and finance stakeholders to create & execute agreements & payments.



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