VC Internship @ True Global Ventures in Singapore

True Global Ventures is a unique, international, early-stage blockchain investment vehicle founded by Dušan Stojanovic awarded angel of the year in Europe 2013 and some the world’s leading blockchain entrepreneurs-turned-angel-investors. It is an Investment Vehicle set up by serial entrepreneurs investing exclusively in serial entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Paris and expanding to another 19 cities. The main investment focus is 4 verticals within blockchain.                                                                                                                                                               

Job Description

True Global Ventures is offering for the 11th time its internship regarded as one of the industry’s deepest and most accelerated learning curve.

Roles and responsibilities:

You will be privileged with the rare opportunity to personally work and be mentored by Dušan Stojanovic, founder of True Global Ventures, awarded Business Angel of the Year in Europe in 2013 after having three successful exits within a week an achievement unheard of previously in the world (including the US). He was also nominated as one of the top four angels in 2009 by the European Business Angel Network. Solid track record with 9 out of 18 investments fully or partly exited. All exits are related to FinTech and payments.

Dušan is a firm believer in nurturing Singaporean talents and especially but not exclusively women who are quick learners with the grit to persevere under high pressure and uncertain situations. Working with him, you will be able to pick his mind on strategic outlook of technology trends particularly in Blockchain and be challenged to accelerate your future career options through this internship.

Dušan also does a donation every time he does an exit which includes supporting the legacy of the Nikola Tesla (he is distantly related to him) female entrepreneurs as well as integration projects.

You will also have an exposure to one of the most global networks and interact with key players on the Blockchain front disrupting traditional institutions such as banks, insurance firms, Telcos, media and e-commerce companies . You can expect to work very closely with TGV partners based in 3 continents and TGV’s 11 cities and soon another 19. Each partner has deep  startup operating experience and successful exits themselves as entrepreneurs, as well as the investment expertise that comes from having completed prior to True Global Ventures a combined total of over 1000 angel investments which is on average 20 investments per partner.

1)     Working closely with founders/CEOs from portfolio companies in their business functions, including but not limited to refinancing, investor acquisition and due diligence.You will be exposed to traditional forms of financing such as Venture Capital and Private Equity. The most exciting part will be to take a front lead role in the emerging non-conventional forms of refinancing such as Initial Coin Offerings in the cryptocurrency space. You will be exposed to it from a problem statement, legal and regulatory point of view across the world.


2)     You will be in charge of the following Disruption Financial services events from the planning – Speaking agenda, invitees, venue, VIP dinner, sponsors budget, basically from end-to-end. This is the tentative schedule of the upcoming events.

a.     Gothenburg: August 16

b.     Stockholm: August 23

c.     San Francisco: September 13

d.     Paris: September 19

e.     Berlin (Finals of Global Blockchain Competition): November 7

Global Blockchain Competition (GBC)

A key assignment will be planning and execution of the Global Blockchain Competition.

Our last GBC on 13 March in Singapore saw  almost 200 applications from blockchain startups around the world, 100 highly qualified international judges and 20 speakers.


3)     Keeping track of all introductions, leads and statuses with our portfolio companies

There will be constant travel opportunities across the 3 continents and you will have the chance to travel to all the above mentioned cities (all expenses paid) with TGV. Get the chance to interact and network with C level executives (this event is a private function) from banking and financial services companies as well as some of the leading fintech disruptors already surpassing some of the traditional financial institutions.

If you think you’ve got the passion in Blockchain technology/cryptocurrencies and Entrepreneurial Spirit to challenge yourself in this “Fintech MBA”, submit your CV and cover letter


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