VC Director @ Honeywell Ventures in Menlo Park, CA

HoneyWell Ventures  (LinkedIn, Crunchbase

WHAT WE DO | We invest in early-stage, high-growth companies from around the world that have emerging or disruptive technologies and are strategically aligned to our portfolio and software capabilities.

WHAT WE OFFER | We will invest in partner companies in order to help accelerate and commercialize their vision. By leveraging our global presence and capabilities, partner companies will gain access to our installed base, research and development, customers, channels, and markets.

WHERE WE INVEST | Honeywell Ventures will concentrate on companies that could scale faster with access to our customers, channels, intellectual property, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and global presence. 

We invest in a wide variety of sectors, including those aligned with Honeywell’s businesses: Aerospace and Automotive; Home and Buildings Technologies; Performance Materials and Technologies; Safety and Productivity Solutions. Examples of areas of interest:

-Internet of Things

-Software and Analytics

-Materials Science

-Advanced Manufacturing

-Undergraduate degree in business or technical field.

-MBA or Advanced Degree Preferred.

-8+ years of cumulative work experience in finance, business, & technology industries; 3+ years demonstrated corporate venture capital or venture capital investing experience

-Experience with start-up companies/venture capital and developing successful partnerships

-Successful track record of sourcing sound investments including leading full due diligence of equity investments
-Experience understanding where/how technology
or new business models can address business challenges
-Working knowledge of valuation techniques and
basic financial analyses of companies

-Financial and investment knowledge for the
venture capital and business development processes
-Industry knowledge of the industrial technology
venture capital ecosystem

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