VC Associate @ Ulupono Initiative in Honolulu, HI

The Investment Associate is primarily responsible for supporting investment, research, analytical, and policy efforts within Ulupono Initiative (UI) including evaluating funding opportunities, performing due diligence, creating and maintaining financial models, conducting market/industry and policy research, and working with each partner organization to help it succeed. Projects may include traditional for-profit investments (equity and debt), non-profit grants made through UI and its donor-advised fund, policy/regulatory advocacy work, and other strategic initiatives to advance UI’s mission twoard a more resilient and self-sufficient Hawaii. UI brings the same disciplined approach to creating value through grants, public-private partnerships, policy/regulatory, sponsorships, and other initiatives as it does through creating value through traditional financial investments. The expectation is for the Pre-MBA Associate to join the team for 2-3 years prior to pursuing an MBA, with promotion opportunities available for only exceptional employees. 

Responsibility Highlights include:

  • Support funding evaluation process
  • Assist and sometimes lead the financial modeling, evaluation and analysis of funding opportunities, including potential impact
  • Assist and sometimes lead due diligence, including market, industry and competitor research
  • Assist and sometimes take the lead in producing project and funding documents
  • Provide support to and oversight of funded organizations, including developing reporting and impact metrics
  • Support policy/regulatory initiatives
  • Assist and sometimes lead the research, diligence and analytical assessment of policy ideas and recommendations
  • Assist and sometimes take the lead in producing research and analytical support for testimony, materials and presentations on policy initiatives
  • Develop understanding in County, State, and Federal laws and regulations related to UI’s primary sectors and support efforts to work with policymakers to meet UI’s goals
  • Support planning and policies at the State and County levels to reflect current and expected trends within UI primary sectors
  • Support strategic communications and other strategic initiatives
  • Work across teams to provide research and analytical support of certain initiatives as assigned
  • Support and sometimes lead efforts to develop presentation, talking points and other materials needed for internal and external communications efforts
  • Project management and supporting key stakeholders
  • Manage and help lead coordination with both internal and external teams to advance initiatives
  • Manage and support funding process, including coordinating and communicating with external partners
  • Build and maintain key relationships and knowledge within UI’s primary sectors
  • Support UI as needed
  • Assist senior associates and management team members as assigned
  • Support internal strategy development, and monitoring/reporting of goals
  • Understand the implications of industry and technology trends in UI’s primary sectors
  • Team internally to advance UI strategy and mission
  • Represent UI in a manner that is consistent with our mission and values


  • 2-5 years business experience, with no less than 2-3 years in a financial modeling and due diligence role, including strategic investments, investment banking, venture capital/private equity, and strategic consulting, or 2-5 years of policy/planning experience with extensive analytical or quantitative background
  • 2-3 years working in/with one of the key sectors within the Ulupono Initiative mission is preferable 
  • Strong analytic skills – sound business modeling, financial due diligence and valuation skills
  • Basic deal structuring skills – understanding of financing structures, dynamics of raising equity and debt capital within traditional and “green” space
  • Basic knowledge of investment execution, negotiation and structuring processes
  • Basic knowledge of Hawaii legislative system and regulatory process preferred, including State and County
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Existing network and relationships in Hawaii preferred, particularly within planning, development and/or government
  • Demonstrated track record of successful relationship building, with relevant experience in partnership/alliance development
  • Bachelor’s degree from a top-tier school with emphasis in finance, accounting, valuation, and/or public policy preferred
  • Domain experience in finance required; experience in green business, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and/or waste management desirable
  • Prior demonstrated interest in creating positive social impact highly desirable
  • Collaborative team player required; need to be comfortable being evaluated on both firmwide success and individual performance
  • Connection to and familiarity with Hawaii, desire to live in Hawaii, and/or desire to live and work in a multi-cultural environment required

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