VC Associate @ GC1 Ventures in San Diego, CA

GC1 Holding is a multinational holding group with investments and wholly owned companies in the following industries: Retail, Consumer Banking, Financial Services, Technology, Hospitality, Agriculture, Real Estate Development, Healthcare and more.  

You will work for GC1 Capital, who is in charge of defining and implementing a holistic investment strategy for GC1 Holding´s liquid assets (USD $450 MM+).

Job Responsiblities:

You will play a key role in all aspects of GC1 Holding’s liquid portfolio investments, managing a diverse portfolio that includes public equities and fixed income investments.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Investment Strategy Recommendation: Provide investment recommendations within the context of the greater portfolio based on research and in-depth analysis.
  • Deal Execution: Conduct due diligence, develop and negotiate the terms of investments, and assist with the final execution and documentation.
  • Portfolio Management: Understand investments under management through active monitoring and evaluation of company and fund performance. Understand the cost structure of all investments.  
  • Market Research: Conduct research and analysis to identify companies, industries and macro/country trends. Stay up-to-date on industry trends, company news and regulatory issues.
  • Bank Liaison: Manage relationships with several international banks.
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting: Gather, analyze and present data and information, prepare detailed Excel reports.

You will also be working with and reporting directly to the head of GC1 Ventures, who manages a venture portfolio, and reports to the GC1 Holding Investment Committee and GC1 Holding Board.

Desired Skills & Experience:


  • Financial-banking industry experience (1-3 years), preferably in Investment Banking.  

Relevant / Ideal Experience:

  • (1-3 years) experience in Public Equity Research with an Institutional Investing firm.
  • (1-3 years) experience in Asset or Risk Management, working directly with the Portfolio Manager in the development of a balanced portfolio of different asset classes.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English). Full working proficiency in both languages.


  • Experience building, analyzing and testing financial models.
  • Ability to analyze a broad diversity of asset classes and the capability to build a holistic investment strategy based on findings.
  • Ability to analyze businesses, build valuation models, and analyze investment opportunities in the public and private markets.
  • Deep knowledge of macroeconomic trends and ability to present detailed findings that will drive a successful overall portfolio strategy.


  • Strong analytical / research-based background and investigative curiosity.
  • Understanding of the capital markets and stock markets, and a passion for investing.
  • Thorough understanding of modern economics and geopolitical diplomacy and their impact on investment philosophy.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact effectively with a diverse team and in diverse situations.
  • Strong valuation and financial modeling skills.
  • Ability to lead and perform end-to-end due diligence processes.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative area such as finance, economics, engineering or mathematics desired; CFA or MBA preferred.

Minimum Requirements To Apply:

  • Willingness to move to San Diego if not already here and willingness to constantly visit different parts of Mexico.
  • Currently eligible to legally work in the US.


  • Competitive salary based on experience. The company does not offer a bonus plan but does provide a full benefits package.

How do you apply?

From the initial submissions we select a smaller group to move to the second stage of the process, at which time we will request the following deliverable:

A comprehensive investment strategy for a portfolio of public tech companies that sits within a total investment portfolio of $450MM with a mandate of 10%+ returns in perpetuity. The analysis should answer questions such as: How much of the total portfolio would you expose to Technology and why? How would that amount be allocated specifically? How would that allocation change over time?

The final stages of the process will include telephone interviews followed by in-person meetings.


If interested, please apply here.

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