VC Analyst @ Spark Capital in San Francisco, CA

Spark Capital (LinkedIn, Crunchbase) is a venture capital firm with offices in San Francisco, New York and Boston. Spark manages $3B, and is currently investing out of a $400MM early stage venture fund, and a $600MM venture growth fund.

The firm invests in a broad range of technology companies globally, including firms like Twitter, Slack, Tumblr, Affirm, Trello, and Oculus.

The role

Spark is hiring an analyst to work as part of the growth team based in New York. The group consists of seven people — split between NY and San Francisco, and emphasizes a collaborative, team-based approach. The growth team also works closely with the venture team.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about the opportunity to learn about venture capital and create options to work in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This ideal candidate will have:

  1. 1-2 years of experience at a top bank, consulting firm, or similar work environment that provides training and experience in the basic building blocks of analysis and presentation.

  2. Strong accounting, valuation, and financial modeling skills.

  3. Working knowledge and genuine strong interest in technology markets/trends. We enjoy spending all day talking about this — so need to have a passion for it.

  4. Ability to do market structure analysis. This is not rocket science — but we spend a lot of time understanding markets as well as the companies themselves.

  5. Strong academic performance.

  6. Ability to work independently with varying degrees of direct day to day oversight. We are looking for someone who will find ways to have impact without needing to always be asked.

  7. An appreciation for what we do. Our team is fortunate to work with exciting, ambitious companies. Everyone works hard and also enjoys the challenge of what we do and working with each other. We have a reasonably diverse set of backgrounds — so we don’t always approach problems from the same perspective — but we always have an engaged, respectful discussion until we reach a conclusion. We highly value diverse opinions — and our process is aimed at satisfying the questions that come out of our discussions.

  8. Deep curiosity. We are looking at new markets and companies all the times. Curiosity drives much of the process.

We are a small team and so there is limited capacity to train someone in the core skills required. Of course, we expect everyone to learn and develop in the role — no one starts knowing everything about this business. But this role requires the basic analytical techniques already down pat. Things may often come up that one hasn’t encountered. The team is very collaborative and there will be people to ask. Evidence of being a fast learner who is enthusiastic about developing and teaching oneself new skills will be valuable.

This role will have a lot of data analysis, financial modeling, and market research. There will be some mundane parts to it – like data entry and pipeline management. You will need a rock solid work ethic. But you will work in a meritocratic close-knit team of 7 analyzing some of the most exciting tech companies in the world.

This is a great opportunity to break into VC and learn partly by osmosis.

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