Senior Associate VC Job at Founder Collective in Boston

Founder Collective is a seed stage venture capital firm built by entrepreneurs based in Boston and NYC. We’re searching for our new Senior Associate for the Boston office (conveniently situated right in the middle of Harvard Square’s best coffee shops and bookstores).

Our mission is to be the most aligned fund for founders at the seed stage. We think of what we do as Peer-to-Peer investing. Each member of the investment team at Founder Collective has been a company co-founder, often more than once. It’s part of our DNA. We are looking for a Senior Associate who also shares this founding experience. We want someone who loves building stuff and is excited to spend the next three to four years of her/his career helping invest in the next generation of exciting companies.

We are among the most active seed funds in the country and have invested in well-known companies such as Uber, Buzzfeed, Pillpack, HotelTonight and MakerBot. We have a portfolio of over 200 companies, across many geographies, sectors and stages. We manage over $125M in capital across two funds. Most importantly, we have a heavy dose of empathy and recognize that starting a company is a hard and courageous undertaking.

Job Description

We’re looking for a full time Senior Associate who will source deal opportunities, attend events, drive diligence efforts, meet with prospective companies, support existing portfolio companies, and contribute to fund strategy and operations. The Senior Associate role is a full-fledged member of the investment team and thus the will help advocate for opportunities (while not being afraid to disagree) and conduct diligence.

The Senior Associate will attend all weekly investment meetings and debate opportunities and strategy topics. He/she will also serve as a co-pilot on deals with the three partners. Diligence efforts include reference calls on founders, customer calls and using new products and services. Additionally, there is some travel to visit companies and participate in events (most regularly to NYC and the Bay Area).

We encourage the Senior Associate to be public facing while living the Founder Collective brand. You will attend industry events, spend time with portfolio companies and network with the investment community. You will be expected to blog, tweet and generally be an active participant in the tech ecosystem dialogue. The Senior Associate helps our companies find the resources they need to better grow their businesses and will build up experiences and contacts as they help companies grow and mature. This person will also play a key role in advising companies as they seek subsequent rounds of funding.

Additionally, the Senior Associate will work internally to help manage our part-time MBA Associate program, track and report on various metrics and identify areas within the fund on how we can improve.

In return, the FC team will provide significant mentorship, coaching and feedback. We believe that the venture business is a craft that is best learned by practice. We invest heavily in our investment team, and many have gone on to start companies, join great startups and even start VC funds. Qualifications

Founder Collective highly values hands-on, operating experience. Such entrepreneurial experience, either founding or being a part of a startup technology company, is required. An advanced degree like an MBA is preferred but we recognize that there is no one mold for an early stage investor. The candidate should be innately curious about the technology sector and able to converse and assess opportunities from those that are consumer facing, business to business, hardware related, healthcare and more. When further research is necessary, the Senior Associate should be resourceful and able to call on a network of folks inside and outside the firm to help inform her/his view.

The candidate needs to be able to work independently and take ownership of the aspects of the business with which he/she works. The candidate must be quick on their feet, have thoughtful opinions on companies and technology, and passionate about the start-up world.

Most of all, the Senior Associate needs to be able to build rapport with prospective and portfolio companies and become a trusted, value-add member of our small team.


This is a paid position at a market rate salary and includes fund equity. This is a non-partner track position and as such, Senior Associates typically work 3–4 years before moving on in the start-up ecosystem.

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