Investor VC Job at Bose Ventures in Framingham, MA

Are you interested in helping the Bose Venture’s team invest in the future?

In the 1956, Dr. Amar Bose discovered a problem. He discovered that the best audio system that money could buy at the time failed to re-create lifelike sound. He investigated and found that we hear most of the natural sounds from reflected audio waves – those audio waves that reflect or bounce off of walls, floors and the ceiling. Audio systems at the time emphasized direct audio waves – those audio waves that were produced by the speaker and traveled directly to the listener, without bouncing off anything. Out of this problem, Dr. Bose saw an opportunity.

He formed Bose Corporation in 1964 and introduced a speaker called the Bose 2201 that emphasized reflected audio waves over direct audio waves to produce a lifelike-sounding audio system. It sounded great, but it wasn’t practical. It flopped.

On the verge of bankruptcy, Dr. Bose and other early employees took the learnings from customers of this initial product and developed a second product, the Bose 901 speaker. It was a home run, and launched the global, multi-billion dollar company that exists today.

Since our founding, Bose had maintained a commitment to research and innovation. And, now, Bose has formed a venture fund to fuel entrepreneurs who are pursuing science- and technology-based innovation, just like Dr. Bose did 60 years ago.

We’re looking for an experienced and passionate venture investor to join the Bose Ventures team to help source, research, evaluate, and negotiate investment opportunities in our areas of focus. Bose Ventures is a new and small, and, as such, this role will play a prominent part in shaping the processes and culture of Bose Ventures. The person in this role must have a passion for creating value in our portfolio companies while also delivering strategic value to Bose. We’re looking for a person that has a strong network in the start-up and venture capital ecosystems and has invested in start-ups through a angel fund, venture fund or corporate venture fund. We’re looking for a person with the highest standards of integrity and one who can produce results with a lot of autonomy.

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