General Partner VC Job at TechGrind in Bangkok, Thailand

Ever want to be one of the leaders of an entirely new economy? Thats what opportunity awaits you at TechGrind.

We are not only building the first incubators, accelerators, seed venture funds, events & conferences for tech startups in Southeast Asia – we are building the silicon valley of southeast Asia.

Ever wanted to be “one of those guys” who built an entire economy that changed the landscape for a big population of humanity? You only get an opportunity like that once in a lifetime – so if you want it, you have to take it.

Come build the next technology innovation economy with us in Southeast Asia.

ASEAN is the fastest growing market in the world; currently ranked already as 8th largest market in the world – and yet it is a market dominated by oldworld politics and heavily undeveloped third-world problems.

By creating not only technology solutions to everyday problems – but by creating economic companies that connect and work on an international level – we can change not only the economic landscape of this region but the social landscape. Our mission is much bigger than building a few successful $BN tech companies. We are elevating a third-world region into the first-world via entrepreneurship and innovation.

So the only question is: why wouldn’t you want to work with TechGrind?

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