Associate VC Job at Speedinvest in San Francisco

Speedinvest is a leading European venture capital fund for digital startups. With $100M under management, Speedinvest works side-by-side with early-stage entrepreneurs to build great companies. Thanks to our hands-on model, our global partner network and our operations in Silicon Valley, we have managed to become one of the main focal points for the European startup community. We do investments from pre-seed through Series-A and a big portion of our value-add comes through operational work. We concentrate on projects where we have direct experience, networks, and where we can take a well-defined, intensive operational role, and significantly create value for founders and shareholders.

Europe is a prime area for early stage investment for many reasons, most significantly: valuations are based on financial reality and the engineering talent rocks. And there a many proof points: Europe has created world class companies, and the number of large exits and success stories in our region is growing fast. BUT, one of the local challenges is that there are few early stage funds with global networks and operational resources. European start-ups need the right platforms to scale globally, and this is what we have built. But it takes a lot of work to make global success happen. This is where you come in.

You might find yourself as a COO of a technology startup for 4 months while we execute their US GTM plan. You might find yourself spending your mornings on calls with European founders as you evaluate deal flow, surveying the competitive landscape, developing partnerships, negotiating license agreements or pitching to investors for your start-ups in the afternoon, then sitting on an investor panel in the evening.

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