VC Associate @ Tuspark in Cambridge, England

TusPark Holdings (UK) is a science and technology service corporation with an investment arm as a venture capital and private equity group fund. TusPark UK has invested £250M+ in Cambridge since 2018 (e.g. the landmark joint venture with the Trinity College to develop and operate TusPark Cambridge Science Park), and its investment portfolio spans in the era of life science/healthcare, digital technologies (big data, AI and IoT, etc.), new material, and environmental & new energy, with a unique model of “Incubation + Investment + cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A)”.

Role Profile

We are looking for Investment Associates and Internships to undertake research and report on prospective investment avenues. The successful candidate will study how an investment is likely to perform and how sustainable it is. You will participate in our sound portfolio-management strategy by providing the necessary data for our investment decision-making process. This position will directly report to the Head of Investment.


·       Help fund managers to explore new investment opportunities by conducting in-depth market research;

·       Conduct due diligence on companies by researching, reading financial statements and market data;

·       Perform valuation analysis and construct investment thesis;

·       Make recommendations to fund managers, being able to position ideas and articulate to the fund managers about the risk or payoff for each recommendation;

·       Draft and write research reports for fund managers;

·       Liaise with fund managers and network with industry professionals and KOLs.


·       Able to examine and interpret information and data from different sources and understand the impact this will have for investment decision making;

·       Outstanding analytical and writing skills;

·       Excellent communication and presentation skills;

·       Strong stakeholder management skills;

·       Great attention to detail and the ability to make sound judgment calls under time pressure;

·       Able to work effectively in a team;

·       Curious, self-confident and highly motivated;

·       Have a natural entrepreneurial style and a global mindset;

·       Understand basic Chinese.


If the above ticks the boxes for you then we’d like to hear from you! Please email your resume to

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