VC Associate @ Craft Ventures in San Francisco, CA

Craft Ventures is an early-stage venture fund dedicated to the craft of building great companies. Headed by General Partners David Sacks, Bill Lee, and Jeff Fluhr, our notable investments include Bird, Trusted Health, and Clickup. We are looking for an Associate to help us find outstanding companies creating market-defining products.

As part of the Investment Team, your job will be to improve our investment decisions. This involves meeting with startups, product testing, researching competition, analyzing and modeling financials, talking to customers and prospects, and, once that’s all done, forming a point of view on potential investments. This is a fast-paced role that requires you to be flexible, analytical, opinionated, quantitative, and visionary all at the same time. We highly value both EQ and IQ.  

Ideally you have 3+ years of work experience, with at least some of that in an analytical role at a startup, such as operations, analytics, product management, or finance. 

  • Why a startup? You’re going to be talking to and researching startups all day, everyday, so it’s important to speak their language, and empathize with the pains and joys of scaling a company.
  • Why analytical? A lot of companies sound great when pitched, but the devil is in the details. You’ll need to scrutinize the business model, wrap your head around complex industries, and develop a thesis on whether a company can be a billion dollar business. 
  • Strong proficiency using Excel (or Sheets) to analyze company financials and model unit economics is required.
  • Craft is based in San Francisco, but we will also consider candidates in Los Angeles or New York. 

If interested, please apply here.

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