VC Associate @ Bonaventure Capital in Birmingham, AL

Bonaventure Capital ( is looking for a newly minted MBA to join our team and work closely with the founding partner. We are refilling a position being vacated by an individual that we “graduated” into his own pool of capital after 4 years. Candidates need to be comfortable living in Birmingham ( and would need to have done some VC coursework and have an impact bias. This roll will have primary responsibility for a $15M early-stage portfolio (mix of impact and traditional / including companies in Kenya, Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru) and secondary responsibility for an evergreen $30M growth-stage portfolio (mix of impact and traditional). We strongly desire to talk to female candidates.  

It is a small shop so there will be some administrative duties (we all have them). If things start well, the individual would earn carry interest participation short order. Bonuses are possible but are outcome oriented and not formulaic.  

Salary range: 80-90K to start
Location: Birmingham, AL
To Apply: Email with “BC POSITION” in all caps in the subject box

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