VC Analyst @ Top Tier Capital Partners in San Francisco, CA

The Analyst Program (the “Program”) of Top Tier Capital Partners (“TTCP” or the “Company”) is intended to help qualified pre-MBA candidates develop a variety of quantitative and qualitative professional skills in private equity, with a particular focus on venture capital.   TTCP believes the Program will prepare candidates for a graduate degree or a career in finance or related fields and has been designed to provide candidates a chance to work closely with a diverse group of professionals at TTCP. In addition, Analysts in the Program will have an opportunity for personal development activities such as continuing education and skill development training. Participation in the Program is designed to be for four years; however, TTCP does not guarantee the length of the Program and participation does not constitute a commitment for any fixed period of employment. All employees of TTCP are “At Will”, including Program participants.

Expected Start Date: July 2021

Position Mission:

The Program is primarily aligned to the investment activities of the Company and, within this area, Analysts will perform a broad range of analytical, communication and research duties including, but not limited to, fund manager, secondary, co-investment, and customized solutions due diligence, investment selection and monitoring, quarterly reporting, and business development. Analysts will also perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis and due diligence, and must be proactive in anticipating the investment team’s other needs and providing support as required. Over the duration of the Program, TTCP expects 75% of Analyst time to be focused on investment activities.

A secondary mission of the Program is to expose Analysts to other aspects of TTCP’s business, including Finance, Tax, Legal, and Corporate Development (collectively, “Non-Investment Activities”) which will give Program participants an opportunity to become a more well-rounded business professional. This exposure may be done through training/educational opportunities, project-specific work directed by other teams, or a service rotation between departments. Over the duration of the Program, TTCP anticipates 25% of Analyst time to be focused on Non-Investment Activities, however TTCP may first require an Analyst to prove him or herself reasonably capable on the investment side of the business before broader exposure is provided.

Opportunities for professional advancement within the Program (i.e., promotions) may also be available, but are not guaranteed. The advancement of any employee, including Program participants, is based on individual, team, and company performance and the availability of such advanced positions.

Team Overview:

This position will officially be a part of TTCP’s Investment Team which presently consists of (2) Senior Analysts, (4) Associates, (1) Principal, and (4) Managing Directors. The candidate will support all members of the investment team and will coordinate his/her efforts with the senior investment professional/s designated to oversee the Program.

Essential Goals of the Position–Investment Activities:[1]

1.     Within the first twelve (12) months of employment, developing a strong understanding of TTCP business and TTCP core investment relationships and being able to demonstrate a working knowledge in these areas.

2.     Demonstrating strong written communication skills, measured through the writing of thoughtful and articulate meeting notes for TTCP’s investment activities[2].

3.     Helping to maintain TTCP’s proprietary investment database. This activity presently accounts for approximately 25% of an Analyst’s time.

4.     Supporting the investment and accounting teams during the quarterly reporting process. This activity presently accounts for approximately 25% of an Analyst’s time.

5.     Evaluating new and existing fund manager investment opportunities to determine the merits of the investment. The role will also opportunistically include the opportunity to evaluate secondaries and direct investments. Evaluating investments and related projects presently account for approximately 50% of an Analyst’s time.

6.     Assisting investment team members in organizing and preparing data for summary investment proposals, investment committee memos, and marketing projects, with success being measured by skills and capabilities as well as time management.

7.     Assisting with ad hoc projects, with success being measured by skills and capabilities as well as time management.

Essential Goals of the Position—Non Investment Activities:

1.     Successfully complete any educational opportunities, project-specific work, or service rotations provided under Non-Investment Activities. Such opportunities will be defined over the duration of the Program and will be driven by the needs of each team, the development needs of the Analysts themselves, and the evolving strategic priorities of the Company.   

Duties and Responsibilities of All Employees:

·        All employees are expected to support the Company in the successful completion of its annual goals and objectives, and the execution of TTCP’s Mission and Vision Statements.

·        All employees are expected to follow TTCP’s cultural mission which is based on Leadership, Transparency, Trust and Respect (LTTR).

·        All employees are expected to be committed to ongoing professional development.

·        All employees are expected to adhere to Company policies and procedures and to participate in the firm’s regulatory compliance program at a level appropriate to their positions. 

Necessary Competencies:

·        The technical and intellectual skills necessary for an Analyst to be successful in the role are:

–       Having a business or accounting background

–       Being intellectually competent, capable of critical and analytical thinking

–       Having strong written communication skills

–       Demonstrating strong modeling/excel experience with high attention to detail

·        The behaviors, skills, and values necessary for a candidate to be successful in the role are:

–       Demonstrating a commitment to teamwork

–       Exhibiting a strong work ethic and being intrinsically motivated to meet objectives

–       Being highly organized and effective at workload planning and able to manage multiple tasks and priorities

–       Showing confidence and security in one’s abilities, work product, and opinions

·        The behaviors, skills, and values necessary for the candidate to be successful in the Company are:

–       Being honest and principled with absolute integrity

–       Being an effective communicator

–       Holding oneself accountable

–       Being focused on solutions not problems

–       Demonstrating creativity

–       Being friendly and open; exhibiting a spirit of camaraderie

Other Position Requirements:

·        Pre MBA

·        Able to work flexible hours outside the company’s normal 8:00am to 5:00pm office hours.

·        Open to San Francisco or Boston

·        Qualified applicants will be considered for the position in a manner consistent with the EEOC and the SF Fair Chance Ordinance

[1] Percent of time allocations mentioned under Essential Goals are expected to shift during the course of the Program as the Analyst gains experience or as TTCP’s business and its position-based accountability evolves.

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