VC Analyst @ The Finger Group in Boston, MA

The Finger Group is an entrepreneurial and growth-minded family office, building and investing meaningfully alongside the top investors and founders at all stages of business. Check out our portfolio with 100+ active investments at  

The Group is led by the founder of SeamlessWeb (now GrubHub), who was at the forefront of many of today’s most popular technology business models. He is also Chairman of Upper90, an investment firm founded to help founders and early investors solve their most important capital-related growth challenges with optimized equity and credit, supported by a GP and LP base of top entrepreneurs.  

The junior analyst will report to the CIO (and collaborate closely with the Chairman) and is a critical hire that will be in the middle of meaningful information flow, tasked with bringing order, insights, and new capabilities to the group. This is a pre-MBA role.

What type of person and skill set are we looking for?

You also share our enthusiasm for personal growth, being thoughtful, and supporting entrepreneurs and others. As such, you gain deep satisfaction by helping others and being part of a small team.  

If you thrive as part of a small team, like to dive in and take initiative, and continuously learn, this role will suit you. This role is ideal for the person who has enthusiasm for business – particularly analyzing business models, digging deep into what makes (or does not make) a difference to successful outcomes. And also enthusiasm, though not necessarily experience, for investing – and is keenly interested in, and adept at, learning more. 

You are someone who manages to acquire a lot of information to corroborate assumptions, but stay organized and entirely accurate, and quickly synthesize data into a simple and distilled down conclusion with clear rationales and support. Likely, you are someone who can learn a lot while developing relationships and “ask the right questions”. You take amazing notes. You enjoy discussing, writing, and crafting spreadsheets, equally. 

Ideally, you can also manage an end-to-end project, reengineer an inefficient process, and solve a myriad of business problems. 

Here are a few more ideal characteristics and/or skills:

  • Diligent, thorough, and thoughtful
  • Accountable and proactive about solving problems
  • Professionalism balanced with a fun attitude and sense of humor 
  • Strong team player with a collaborative and hands-on style
  • Very logical, and particularly thinks in terms of and enjoys discussions of ROI
  • Comfortable multi-tasking and calmly handles stress
  • Comfortable with analysis, statistics, and presentation of data to a wide variety of audiences 
  • An ability to articulate well in writing or in-person 
  • An independent thinker who makes convincing arguments based on a solid understanding of the subject matter
  • Business acumen and commerciality: Ability to understand overall business objectives and align the team’s objectives 
  • Someone other people look up to, learn from, and trust to exercise sound judgment in all situations
  • Tells it how it is. No BS, or politicking.  
  • Experience with data analysis and summarization of facts. Experience with SQL is a plus
  • Conduct surveys, find salient conclusions, present information, and guide improved execution from the data
  • At least 1 year of work experience in a related field: Banking, VC, Engineering, Consulting, etc.

What exactly will you be doing?

The key objective of this role is to improve the levels of conviction with which we make our investments, thereby allowing us to make bigger bets and improve any buy/sell decisions.  

That goal will be achieved by (i) conducting primary research into the key relevant questions for any investment (including pricing for private assets) in a timely manner and (ii) adding a layer of tracking and accountability to the processes which both reduce the chance of errors and allows retrospective analysis and improvements continuously or as warranted.  

More specifically that will include: 

(1) Analysis of Deal Flow, Liquidity, and Allocations

Deal flow Tracking: 

Capturing the flow of status changes across all deal flow  

  • Ensuring we identify the top priorities and make time for proper review and actions
  • Documenting assumptions, drivers, decisions, and conducting follow-ups
  • Noticing cross pollination opportunities 
  • Eventually answering questions like throughput and slugging percentage etc 

3rd Party Managers – Tracking 

Review every manager update and updating exposures quarterly

  • Set up a list of underlying portfolio companies so we know the look-through exposures
  • Ensure the data is accurately fed into our “deal machine”
  • Set up calls with managers to get more information as needed
  • Process all fund commitments 

Liquidity Analysis 

Generate waterfall of expected in and outflows of capital

(2) Research – 

Answer Key Questions

  • Drill into the key investment issues we want to resolve on a timely basis related to our potential investments, or potential new businesses we may incubate. 
  • Find ways to add value to our network, such as solve a problem for a founder or help recruit talent by sourcing amazing candidates. 

Shadow the Chairman and develop notes from calls. 

How do you apply? 

  1. Respond to this posting with the following: Subject line “First Name / Last name, Application for Jr Analyst” & Include your resume. AND
  2. Complete this form:

(If you prefer to answer in a format other than writing, that is to your discretion. Please note, we will not review incomplete applications.) 

We’re not reviewing ANY applications until May 25th, after which we are considering candidates on a rolling basis.

After we review the email and answers, we will select candidates to interview. For that step, we kindly request that you submit (a) an email request explaining a company in our portfolio that you’d like to learn more about, why, and why the company would benefit from sharing that information with you (b) a video (no more than 2 minutes, or pitch deck (no more than 5 slides), why we should hire you

If interested, please apply here.

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