VC Analyst @ Earnest Capital in Remote

rom day one Earnest has been fortunate enough to get a firehose of inbound interest from entrepreneurs. I’ve done my best, but frankly, I haven’t been great at managing that dealflow, moving things along efficiently, and ensuring we respond to all inbound in a timely fashion. It’s time for us to up our game here – Tyler

I’m hiring an analyst to directly help with the day to day operations of connecting with founders, managing our deal flow database, researching companies, and keeping the whole team in the loop on what we are learning from applying our thesis to specific investments.


  • Maintaining the various initial touchpoints from entrepreneurs and guiding them to the right entry point into Earnest.
  • Fielding initial questions from founders and helping to build out our public documentation.
  • Researching companies and investment applications and providing memos directly for me.
  • Owning our Dealflow Database (a somewhat complicated machine of Airtable, Zapier, and other no-code tools). You’ll be supported here by our Head of No-Code Operations on technical questions so you’re mostly using it not necessarily having to build it yourself.
  • Helping me prioritize and schedule deal reviews, responses, and next actions. Keeping founders in the loop through the process.
  • Ensuring investments are closed in a timely fashion.
  • Making our investing decisions and framework more legible to the entire Earnest team through periodic updates and internal memos.

The ideal person for this role:

  • Is extremely organized, a great note-taker, and fluent in spreadsheets and Airtable.
  • Has excellent communication skills. Very comfortable spending a lot of time sending thoughtful emails.
  • Is curious. Digging in and learning about each new company is a core part of this role.
  • Is high initiative. I strongly prefer working with people who can take action and course-correct rather than waiting for permission.
  • Likes reading memos! There will be a lot of them. Start with this one.
  • High output and low ego. That’s just the general vibe across the whole team.

In addition to day to day work, expect a few special projects like:

  • Helping Earnest continue to connect with and invest in more underrepresented founders
  • Reviewing and editing our growing corpus of writing on here to make sure we’re consistently communicating our thesis to founders discovering us for the first time.


We are flexible here but budgeting this as a fairly junior remote full-time salary. This role will participate in the carry-sharing plan which earns “equity” in the upside across all future Earnest funds.

How to apply:

Send an email to with “Analyst” in the subject line. Please do not just send a resume. I strongly prefer to see links to any actual work or writing you may have done. The last person I hired applied with a detailed multi-level Notion doc including screencasts breaking down some of our public spreadsheets. The bar is high so make it count.

Deadline: there’s no official deadline but I would strongly recommend getting something in our inbox by Nov 1st.

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