VC Analyst @ B37 Ventures in San Francisco, CA

In order to make these exchanges happen, we harness our access and insights to the specific business outcomes desired by these corporations and create a large, scalable network of users and resources that can be accessed by a startup. We often are responsible for a startup’s first customer or first multi-country and scaling customer.

We improve our ability to generate outsized venture returns because our capital allocation is informed by interaction on the platform.

Portfolio companies we have in our first fund are doing business in dozens of countries globally, have banked tens of millions of dollars in annual recurring revenues, and generated millions of dollars in shareholder value for our community of global corporations. We’re prepared to significantly increase the value we create by startup investing with Fund 2 by expanding the participation of both the number of corporations participating as LPs and the proportion of financial LP participation.

Our B37 Ventures Analyst focused on fund raising will deeply engage with each of the firm’s four partners and be responsible for introducing and maintaining the tools and processes to enhance and advance B37’s institutionalization of a prospective LP base and to identify and create a pipeline of new investors (to complement our existing financial and corporate LP base). Our Fund 2 target is to raise $100M, and we have the momentum of heading to a strong first close with existing Fund 1 LPs.

Venture Capital Innovation & Scale | B37

What you will do

  • You’ll help create B37’s fundraising roadmap for 2021 and proactively manage the potential LP pipeline
  • You will work closely with all B37’s partners to understand the investment thesis, capital allocation and portfolio strategy and fund I performance to communicate to potential LPs
  • You’ll participate in all partner meetings to fully grasp B37 ethos and contribute to the strategy and execution for the fund 2 raise
  • You will participate in pipeline and portfolio interactions as needed to fully understand the value-add offering B37 has to its various stakeholders

You possess

  • A bias for action
  • An undergraduate degree in a business or finance discipline, and excellent financial acumen
  • A minimum of 2 years experience in investment banking, private banking, private equity/growth equity, hedge fund, or similar experience
  • An ability and passion for sales and for fundraising
  • You are motivated by having skin in the game and by the potential upside of achieving financial metrics
  • Excellent analytical skills and command of the applications and tools to provide modeling, insights and conclusions from your analysis
  • Exceptional research skills directed at identifying our B37 targeted LP prospects
  • Learning agility and translating it to proactively expressing informed opinions, suggestions, and proposals.
  • A willingness to be coached
  • Integrity
  • An entrepreneur’s grit and spirit, and a high degree of self-motivation to operate independently

Key leadership behaviors

  • B37 expects and requires its team members to be: Adventurous. Ingenious. Reliable. Empathetic. Professional. Optimistic. Savvy
  • Shape the business direction of fundraising using data and judgment
  • Translates and align partner strategy to tactics and implementation plans
  • Demonstrate learning agility and know when to drive for change
  • Accountable for failures and successes
  • Challenge the status quo, test new ideas, and raise the bar
  • Synthetize and then propose direction or action as a result of listening to your B37 collaborators
  • Value diversity of opinion in discussions and decisions

How to Apply

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Job Location

San Francisco – San Jose, California area

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