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Need a team to help your NYC-based startup (for no cost)?

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I wanted to make all of the NYC-based entrepreneurs aware of a great program called InSITE. 

From their website:

InSITE is an entrepreneurial mentorship program that brings together
the best and brightest students from Columbia and NYU Business and Law
schools to support New York entrepreneurs in the development of their
businesses and their pursuit of venture capital and angel investments. 
InSITE’s mission is to accelerate technology start-ups through their
early-stage development, transitioning them from their seed stage into
being venture-funded companies.

A bunch of business school classmates of mine are involved in the program and I from what I have heard and seen it provides a great value for startups who need help on the business/fundraising side of things but don’t have the dollars to hire help.

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Written by John Gannon

October 31, 2008 at 12:11 am

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