VC Internship @ Baidu Ventures in Remote

BV is a early stage venture fund managing about $800M, focused on AI and it’s applications. That includes companies working in robotics, AI and computer vision, new chips and sensors etc. that create new models in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, biotechnology, retail, agriculture, logistics etc. We invest in the US, China and many other countries around the world, and are expanding our footprint every day.

Who We’re Looking For

We are hiring 3-5 summer analysts to work with us in refining our investment theses and sourcing new companies. People with a passion and excitement for technology, with an interest in the developing world, or biology, or industrial sectors will do well here.

This will be an opportunity to see the next generation of technology being built up-close, and work with entrepreneurs and help them build some of the defining companies of the AI era.

The Role

  • Thesis building & industry research: upon your start date, we will collaboratively determine 2-4 key focus areas for the summer where we believe meaningful opportunities for investment exist. In these key areas, we hope you will be able to conduct primary and secondary research with industry experts, startups, large corporations, industry events etc. to develop a holistic understanding of the value chain, and identify potential investment areas & hypotheses. Culminating in a series of “white-papers” outlining the opportunities you have found.
  • Sourcing: within the bounds of the key thesis areas, we would also anticipate that with our investment team’s assistance, potential investment targets can be identified.
  • Due Diligence & deal analysis: If investment targets are found in your key thesis areas, we would expect thorough analysis be conducted of relevant startups, as well as investment recommendations.
  • Other investment related work: review of research, faculty and researchers at academic institutions, attendance of industry events, creation and publishing of blog posts etc.

If interested, please apply here.

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