VC Analyst @ Village Global in Remote

This role supercharges our efforts with founders, emerging managers, and investors throughout the ecosystem. You’ll interact with thousands of high potential startups and savvy investors. You’ll manage projects that improve the ways we invest and support portfolio founders.

This role is ideal for those early in their career with long-term aspirations of being an investor and/or an entrepreneur. You’ll learn investing best practices and meet thousands of high potential entrepreneurs and top VCs. You’ll also gain hands-on operating experience in a fast-paced organization.


  • Manage our investment pipeline to inform meetings and support timely decisions.
  • Prepare for and attend investment meetings; support follow ups.
  • Support due diligence, including conducting reference checks.
  • Track companies and funds via their updates and data from other sources.
  • Identify and manage data sources to support new and follow-on investment decisions.
  • Support portfolio companies and funds with helpful resources and introductions.

Ideal candidates:

  • Love startups, emerging tech trends, and the VC ecosystem — you might work on technical side projects, read HackerNews and TechCrunch, and scan VC Twitter for fun.
  • Delight in supporting founders and emerging managers with resources and introductions.
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively.
  • Curious about new markets, business models and technologies.
  • Eagerly roll up sleeves for necessary but non-glamourous elements of the investing process, including data entry/cleanup/management and email management.
  • Will commit to a two-year tour of duty to make a real impact on the firm. Afterwards, we’ll help you land your dream job at a startup or venture firm.
  • Bring 1–3 years work experience, likely in a startup or in an investing or consulting role. No formal VC experience is needed.
  • Be based anywhere but be able to travel to San Francisco as needed.

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