What I’m working on now

Inspired by Derek Sivers, I decided to make my own ‘Now’ page.

This way, you’ll know what I’m working on, well…now :)

In no particular order:

  • Product managing a new Marketplace and Ecosystem offering at DigitalOcean
  • 1-on-1, helping people get startup and VC jobs through my coaching practice
  • Helping people (without tech backgrounds) get startup jobs at scale via my Startup Career Advice site
  • Ditto, but for VC jobs
  • GoingVC, a program for highly motivated VC job seekers. (More deets in this Medium post)
  • Startup advising:
    • Wallaroo Labs: Streaming event processing — 50X faster. Backed by Greycroft, Resolute, Boldstart, and other great investors.
    • Quantopian: Inspiring talented people everywhere to write investment algorithms — and get paid based on performance. Backed by several investors including a16z and Bessemer.