VC Lead @ Struck Studio in Los Angeles, CA

Struck Studio

Struck Studio is a startup studio focused on producing the next generation of innovative technology companies. The studio is led by Adam B. Struck, Founder and Managing Partner of Struck Capital, Michael Montero, Co-Founder and former CTO of Resy (sold to Amex) and Crowdtwist (sold to Oracle), and Tom Ryan, Co-Founder and former CEO of Pluto TV (sold to Paramount). At Struck Studio we develop business concepts from scratch followed by a robust process to either validate or eliminate them (quickly and ruthlessly). For the best ideas, we pursue an iterative product development process, always keeping a discerning eye toward whether we believe the concept has the potential to be a venture-backable business. When the time is right and we are highly confident in the potential of a business concept, we will bring in a founder, and invest significant time and capital to turn these ideas into venture-funded companies with rapid customer and market adoption.

What you will be doing as a Venture Lead:

The Venture Lead role is foundational to the studio process. As a Venture Lead, you will lead new businesses from conception to spin-out with guidance from the studio executive team. Below is an illustrative list of key responsibilities you can expect:

  • Identify new problem statements and business opportunities as input for concept ideation through trend research and expert interviews
  • Actively contribute to new business concept ideation through attendance at, active participation in, and preparation for Studio Ideation sessions
  • Run deep diligence processes to assess business fundamentals and market opportunities associated with business concepts developed through our Ideation process
  • Serve as GM on select given business concepts that graduate from early validation. Make strong recommendations as to whether a concept should continue to be evaluated and pursued or if it is time to eliminate a concept.
  • Design and execute GTM strategies and demand testing for new business concepts
  • Execute on an iterative product development process in partnership with cross-functional Studio resources (e.g., Design, Engineering, Product). Process to include feature development and prioritization, customer research, prototype design, etc.
  • Develop “go-live” strategy, including scoping of resources needed to bring concept to market
  • Assist in the development of robust pipelines of potential founders to bring studio concepts to market for fundraise
  • Conduct robust knowledge transfers to founders recruited by the Studio to carry forward a given concept. Work alongside those founders to further build out the concept and assist with planning for further scale
  • Leverage and help grow Struck Studio’s expert network to contribute to concept ideation, validation, and build-out processes

What we are looking for in a Venture Lead:

  • A self-starter with a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and a maniacal drive to continuously learn and grow
  • At least 5 years of experience in a comparable or related role in venture capital, management consulting, investment banking, or a venture-backed start-up
  • You have a passion for building and a bias toward finding a way to overcome challenges, while still maintaining the healthy skepticism of an investor
  • You are extremely analytical, able to process large amounts of data and disparate sources of information (both quantitative and qualitative) to develop clear insights and strategic recommendations
  • You bring a high-level of EQ, and are adept at interfacing with industry leaders, prospective founders, and prospective customers, while serving as an ambassador of Struck Studio
  • You are hyper-organized and can manage and prioritize several work streams independently
  • You are highly responsive and agile – we expect our internal communication cadence to match our external communication style
  • You are a team player and enjoy working in a collaborative environment. We need to like working with you, and so does your network
  • Proficient in data analysis, Excel, and PowerPoint


  • Salary dependent on experience
  • Full health benefits
  • 401k
  • Unlimited PTO