VC Lead @ Citi Ventures in Jersey City, NJ

Citi Ventures

In the last few years, Citi’s Technology Innovation Lab has been pursuing various routes to bring innovative, entrepreneurial and fast-paced culture and technology with Citi’s well-established position in the global financial markets .

Citi launched its first Accelerator program worldwide in 2013, aimed at startups developing technologies and solutions that can bring value for large financial institutions.

The program started out  in Israel after Citi recognized the country’s potential in the space.

The team has today expanded globally and assists startups to understand the needs of global financial institutions and the global financial industry as well as running POC’s within Citi. It is open to companies at any stage and in a broad range of fields including Enterprise IT & Information Security, Data Analytics & AI/ML, Financial Technologies, Payments & Commerce, Customer Experience and Marketing.

130 partic raised close to  $2B and many have been commercialized by Citi and its clients.

Citi is looking for an experienced business development/ open innovation expert to lead the external innovation activities in New York.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The external innovation lead will be responsible for marketing, recruiting, planning, and development of the expanding entrepreneurial businesses within the External Innovation team and the cooperation with the ecosystem as well as connecting them with the right people within Citi and assisting in evaluations and commercialization

The duties include:

  • Conduct market explorations to create detailed, fact-based analyses and recommendations.
  • Work with senior stakeholders to understand their business challenges and introduce relevant startups.
  • Accelerator and launchpad operations: screening process and interviews, judging panels coordination, Work with Citi’s stakeholders.
  • The ideal candidate will have the following knowledge and experience:
    • 5+ years of experience in open innovation, preferably in financial services, bachelor’s degree in technology or business with a broad skill-set including business strategy and business analysis.
    • Experience in venture investing, product development, innovation management and/or similar roles is a plus.
    • Strong relationship development skill-set and ability to build personal credibility among leaders and employees across Citi and tier 1 clients.