VC Associate @ Pillar in Boston, MA

Pillar VC

Pillar VC is a venture capital firm based in Boston investing in companies at formation and seed stage with $350 million under management. We believe VC doesn’t have to be the darkside –– we’re happy to own common stock, the same security as the founders we back, and we’re committed to helping founders develop as leaders. 

Pillar VC is currently investing out of a $170 million Fund 3, of which $60M is dedicated to investments in crypto/web3 companies. Our interest in crypto and web3 ignited when we co-led the seed investment in Algorand, introducing Founder, Silvio Micali, to CEO, Steve Kokinos. In addition to Algorand, our existing investments include companies like Circle, AlgoFi, Friktion, Republic, Reach, C3 and Aorist. 

We believe we are in the early innings of a replatforming of many software applications, and the best web3 applications will grow far larger and faster than any businesses we have seen historically. Our vision is to build the top crypto investment institution by providing founders with support across funding, creation, regulatory, governance, tokenomics, protocol growth and product development. 

In addition to crypto and web3, we back unstoppable founders across biotech, deep enterprise SaaS and university spinouts. We’re proud investors in companies including PillPack, Desktop Metal, Hometap, Jellyfish, Zapata, Higharc, Sofar Sounds, Asimov and PathAI.

Beyond capital, our team brings deep operating experience to each investment we make. We provide guidance from 40 CEOs who are the co-founders of our firm and have built unicorn companies including Wayfair, DraftKings, Ginkgo Bioworks, PillPack and Demandware. We’re often the first-capital-in, surrounding founders with support in the form of talent recruitment, CEO coaching, customer introductions, PR, peer communities and more.  

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